Parcels to Belarus and Russia from Switzerland or France

Does anyone know if it is possible to send a package to Belarus and russia from Switzerlan or France? I sent a package witha birthday gift to my old friend in Belarus from Austria when I traveled there recently, and the main Austrian post office in Vienna accepted it. But a week later it was returned to my Vienna rental apartment. I will go to Vienna again in a month and my landlord will give me the package then as she keeps it for me. I will then travel to Switzerland and France and would like to resend it from there because I can’t send it from the US (where I live). I also want to send a birthday gift to my friend in russia from there. Could anyone please tell me if this is possible? Thank you!

I checked Swiss Post and they do send parcels to Belarus and Russia

La Poste gives me a French site which I can’t navigate on my phone - the translation option isn’t available. Perhaps you could check it out on a computer?

Hope this helps!

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Thank you both so much! I’ll try to resend from Switzerland as I will go there before France. The package is under 2 kg, so hopefully it won’t be traveling too long.

Update on Switzerland post. You can only send letters, postcards, documents in a large envelope, and priority packages (2 kg will cost 50+ Swiss francs) to both Belarus and Russia. Small packets up to 2kg aren’t accepted. Will go to Paris tomorrow and will see if I can send from there.

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Theoretically in France you can send packages to Russia or Belarus, provided you do not send prohibited products (long list).

@venicesunrise Were you able to send your package from France?

Unfortunately no. They do send them but by priority mail only and the cost was like €50 or something for a package under 2 kg. Same thing in Switzerland.

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