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I was wondering if there is a way to send postal mails to Palestine now somehow ? I am in Japan and cannot reach to the people in Palestine postally at all which is so sad…

I found a member in Palestine who seems active, at least online, but I do not want to bother her with private messages as she probably receives many messages from other members.

Is your country still sending postal mails to Palentine even now ??

Please try not to post something political and critical in this thread as it risks this whole thread to be deleted - thank you!

PS :
I was wondering - perhaps postal mails can reach to people in Palestine through people in other Arabic speaking countries in Middle East ?? If yes, which countries would they be ?

I would be happy to send postcards for free of charge for people in Palestine.


But most countries now do not seem to send postal mails to Palestine, which is so very sad…

Does anyone know people on Postcrossing or any organizations worldwide that actually deliver postal mails like postcards and letters to people in Palestine ? Let us know !

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The USA can still send to Palestine, but I think only to the West Bank portion of Palestine.

I don’t know whether any mail is being allowed through the blockade of Gaza, and even if I’m wrong and it’s “allowed” I’m thinking food and medical supplies should be prioritized over mail, with so few trucks getting in at all :cry:


:cry: :cry: :cry:

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I would like to give away for people worldwide with a really difficult situation like Palestine, etc, something from Japan that I can seem to send like new year postcard, Japanese stationeries, my handmade items made with my hand-carved stamps like my mini zines, a postcard and a bookmark. :heart:

I understand they need food, medications, physical help and so on now but I do hope what I can send from Japan now brings them a smile, even a bit…

Please let me know if you know people or trust-worthy organizations that help to send them items what I can send as in above.


I found this project: https://anyrefugee.org/

You send the postcards addressed to “Any Refugee” to the aid organization Jesuit Refugee Service, and they put each one in with a backpack full of supplies for a child refugee somewhere in the world.

You can send several postcards in a package to save money (no need for stamps on the individual cards.)

I’m not sure whether they are currently working with any Palestinian refugees, specifically.



Thank you. I found a thread also in Postcard Chat! where a fellow Postcrossing member mentioned of the same site above. I am not sure if he sent a card to them, but I think I will send my handmade postcards in an envelope with a simple friendly message in English. Hope my cards bring a smile to some people who need help somewhere somewhen.

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