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Are they kidding?!

See Section 241.221


And this!

](433 Oversized Cards | Postal Explorer)

Now what do I do with all my 5x7 and larger cards???

I have been using wrapping paper

I doubt it will be enforced.

Oh wow, I didn’t realize postcard standards for international mail are different from postcard standards for domestic mail! I wonder when this rule got implemented :thinking:

That’s a cool idea! Have you ever been concerned about the wrapping paper being ripped during traveling due to the thinness, or has it been fine so far?

I’m curious, as I can’t seem to find any info on this online – what is the postage on a postcard being sent from the U.S. to an international destination when the postcard is “oversized” (i.e., larger in length, height, or thickness than what the USPS considers a standard post card). The USPS had info available for what this means for domestic cards, but I can’t seem to find what this means, postage-wise, for international cards. I’ve been tacking on an additional 30 cents based on something I read on a forum somewhere, but something more official would be neat. I guess I could mosey on down to the post office and ask someone there, but maybe someone here has run into this before? :slight_smile:

a single international forever stamp, as long as it doesnt exceed the “letter” (6-1/8 in x 11–1/2 in x 1/4 in thick) dimensions. usps treats postcard size and “oversized postcard”/letter size at the same rate for international destinations.


Yep. Just follow pricing and rules for letters. As long as it fits a regular letter size as previously mentioned, it’s the same international price as usual.


I send “jumbo” cards, ones issued by USPS featuring stamp designs for the regular $1.30 rate quite often

Thanks for the replies! So it seems oversized cards are priced the same. I’ll give just putting the usual amount of postage on and see what happens.

I wonder if having the card be super sturdy / rigid matters? I know with regular letters you send via international, if you put something in the envelope that makes it rigid, you have to tack on 30 more cents, presumably because it’s not machinable.

In case you’re a glutton for punishment, all the official USPS rules the average Postcrosser needs to know are on their website:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and find Postal Explorer. Click that and look for…… The manuals most useful to most of us would be the International Mail Manual (IMM), the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM), and Notice 123 Price List (for every rate possible. Be sure to stay on the “Retail”pages unless you are a commercial or bulk mailer!).

But in summary just follow the rules for letters when it comes to international postcards as the rates and standards are exactly alike these days.


I’ve actually sent wooden postcards internationally with just the international forever stamp/rate. They arrive just fine. Just make sure not to go over the weight limit.

I echo the fact that there technically is no international postcard rate - it’s just considered a letter at that point. Postcard rates is a domestic only perk.


Yes but I don’t think I asked anyone I send to. I use clear tape around the edges and over the address. I did double the paper up on some of them. they have got there. I think :thinking: @snailmailermk @cannycjy got some with wrapping envelope I have also used old catalog or magazine paper to. For the crafters out there :disguised_face:
By the way I am only calling you out guys cause I don’t know if I have ever asked you how they looked when getting there anyone else out there know…


I have received your mail in envelope made from normal magzine paper and they reached fine. Anyway, postcards are meant to travel without enevlope so even a thin envelope should be fine, unless your card is super thin.


I have also sent oversized postcards without an envelope internationally and they arrived fine in the past – however, I’m wondering if this is a new rule or something (or maybe it was never enforced), because I do see this on Notice 123 at the bottom:

Notice 123 | Postal Explorer (usps.com)

And I also found this, which has the same information: What Are You Mailing? International | Postal Explorer (usps.com)

The size limits for international postcards seem to be different for international letters :thinking: So theoretically, even though international postcards and letters cost the same, the USPS is supposed to reject (not send) international postcards that are larger than the international postcard size limits…but again, maybe it was never enforced?

I found this rule entirely by accident. I’ve never heard of it and I don’t recall ever seeing it in older editions of the IMM and even the current Notice 123 does not even mention it. It has always been that oversize cards paid the other rates whether it was domestic or international. Anyway, if this rule is being enforced at all, a card over 4-3/4 inches high or 9-1/4 inches long has to be enclosed. I’ve sent dozens of oversized 5x7 and 6x8 cards internationally without envelopes with no problem, yet.

The envelopes I got from you came in good shape. I don’t think they were over sized though not a regular mail shape.

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Humm where is the “exchange?”

I need to rummage for my cards!

Cut pasted:

433 Oversized Cards

Return oversized cards (those exceeding 9–1/4 x 4–3/4) to the sender. If the sender is unknown, dispatch cards to the exchange office.