Our PC family game maybe suitable for school classes?

Hello, we have a family game which may also be suitable for school classes. We always guess from which country and which city the next card comes from. I enter the tips in an Excel table. When the card comes up I look at “https://www.luftlinie.org/” who was closest to the actual country and city. The one with the fewest kilometers difference gets 4 points, the next 3 and so on. After 10 cards there are special points. All kilometers that were off are added up and whoever was the fewest kilometers off after 10 cards gets 10 extra points (the second 7, the third 4 and the fourth 2). We called it the Postcard League. We still haven’t decided when a season is over (maybe after 50 or 100 cards). I can imagine that you can do that with a school class with a different point system.


This is so cute!

That sounds really clever. I might try it next school year.

Thanks for sharing.

I always thought Postcrossing was an incredible tool to be used at school, it explores languages, culture, history, geography… and with games like this one also mathematics!!

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If I played this game, I would have chosen Germany every time. I would have guessed 5-6 cases, but the other 2 cases would be the Netherlands.