Other Canberran Postcrossers?

Hello! I was just wondering if there are any other Canberrans active in here?

I would so like to start organising a little meetup. Maybe at the Arboretum centre? Have a drink/sandwich, chat and sign some cards? We could do a small walk in the gardens between the Visitor’s Centre and the Margaret Whitlam pavilion?

Open to other suggestions too. Maybe the National Museum? I think there are some postage-related exhibits in there. I’m just not sure about the size of their cafe. I can go take a look one day…but I guess it’ll be big enough. I can’t think of many other Canberrans I’ve seen in here :grimacing:.

Is anyone else keen?

I guess it wouldn’t be held until next year now. It’s probably getting too close to the Christmas rush.

I thought I’d just ask in here before putting up a date in the meetup calendar.


By the way Sam, do you know you can search for folks in your city? I found 22 users from Canberra who’d been on PC in the last month. It’s another way to find & contact folks.

It might be some folks here too:

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Thanks so much Lynn! I’ll try those avenues. :+1:t2:

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