Oslo, Wednesday November 25th, 2020 at 5pm

:world_map:  CITY/REGION: Oslo, Norway
:pushpin:  MEETUP PLACE: Kafé Å, Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo
:alarm_clock:  DATE & TIME: November 25th, 5pm
:page_facing_up:  MEETUP PLAN: Signing postcards and chatting about Postcrossing

This date is still a month away, so hopefully it will be possible to have the meetup. We’ll have to keep an eye on the restrictions and see how things develop.

Welcome to the November meetup!

We will try again to have a meetup at the National Library. Fingers crossed that the security guard strike will be over soon. The Library is a short walk - 3 blocks - from Nationaltheatret train station. Use the exit in the corner of the Palace Gardens. They have a café upstairs with different types of tables. But more importantly they also have a shop downstairs where they sell lots and lots of cool postcards! Think vintage movie posters, vintage ads, portraits of Norwegian authors … ! When I visited they also had a whole bunch of black and white cards for free! These have different images of the Y building that you will all have heard about. Hopefully these will still be available when we meet.

The café has about the selection you’d expect. Hot and cold drinks, some warm meals like soup of the day, and some cold things to eat like sandwiches and cinnamon buns.

If you’re new, look for our sign with the Postcrossing logo which we’ll hopefully remember to put up at the table. Otherwise a bunch of postcards and pens and various supplies are usually a giveaway.

Bring postcards to write, to swap or to show off. Or just come and hang out with other Postcrossers. Welcome!

If you’re planning to attend, RSVP. I will book a table for us in advance.

We will have meetup cards, stickers and stamp available as usual.

There’ll probably be quite a bit of talk about the various future meetups we’re planning, but just so it’s said: anyone is free to come and go whenever they like, it’s not mandatory to stay for the whole meetup. And no problem if you show up late. Although then you will probably have a whole pile of stuff to sign dumped on you.

KAS: It’s your job to promote this on Facebook as usual. :smile:

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@LeishaCamden - It’s tempting to come. But due to the current situation with Covid-19, I prefer staying at home.

I will come, even though it seems like I’m still working from home at that moment. But, that will not stop me, and hopefully the strike is over by then and Kafe Å, Nasjonalbiblioteket will be open.

We’re still almost a month away so we’ll see how things develop. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Can you try using the RSVP function? Not sure how it works with replies though …

Found a small “going” on the top, which I did not notice at first.


And I will be there. Looking forward to finally visiting the National Library!

The National Library got new opening hours due to corona, 11-16 (Saturdays 10-14), but Kafé Å is closed until further notice.


Argh. I’m at the office anyway on Wednesdays, so am up for a meetup somewhere else on this date. If anywhere is still open by then…

I’m up to meet somewere - need a break from my home office. I might even be able (maybe) to leave a bit early. We could try Espresso House (last time it was not easy to get a table at 430).

I get off work at Lysaker at 3pm, so I’d love an earlier start than 5…!

I can be downtown at 4:30 …

We can try Espresso House, they will probably have fewer customers than unsual so hopefully we will be able to get a table …

I will hopefully make it downtown at 3.30.

See you tomorrow at 3.30pm @marit_la and 4.30 @LeishaCamden! Working on preparing some cards now :mask:

Was great to see you today, guys! Finally other people than hubby, the hamster and my one co-worker who’s also in the office on Wednesdays! Been too long.

Turnout: 5

Agree, nice to meet other people. I’ve been working at home (only been in to work twice in the beginning to fix things for some hours) and to the supermarket to get food.

We (me and @KAS) even bought some postcards at the Nationa Library. A pitty they close at 4 pm at the moment.