Option to request email to be resent

Rather too often recently, when I request a batch of addresses, one or more of the emails with the details fails to arrive (most of them arrive OK). I appreciate that this is probably for reasons which are completely outside Postcrossing’s control but it would be great if it was possible to request that it’s resent.

I copy the postcard and address details into a word document, to print labels and this is much easier from the email (where they are presented as text) than from the website (where the address details are in an image).

When I request addresses and need to print them, I check which addresses to print and then click “print addresses.” Then I cut around each address with the ID and slap it on the postcard. No need to fuss with eMails or copy/pasting into another program. You are doing a lot of extra work.


I love how different we all are! I find it much easier to copy the details into a Word document and print them onto self-adhesive address labels, rather than faffing around with scissors and glue.


You don’t need to copy them using another program because Postcrossing provides the addresses you need from your “travelling” section as CaptainSoul mentioned.
I edit my message because maybe the printable version of the adresses doesn’t fit your labels and in that case I understand you need to copy them into a word.

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Maybe you request then so quick that your e-mail-provider regards the incoming e-mails as spam and blocks them. So taking a bit more time between requesting addresses or changing to a more reliable e-mail-provider could do the trick without causing any upheaval of programming.


I agree!

I, too, copy and paste the addresses from the emails, directly into my label printing software (I have a dedicated label printer). I find that this does not work from the webpage, but works well from the email. The web page appears to be the same regardless of whether it is the next webpage you get to after requesting an address, or you go to your traveling postcards link. In either case, the address is offered up as an image, rather than as text that can be copied and pasted. In the email, it arrives as text. For my situation, text is preferable, as it can be edited, and the fonts can be sized to fit my labels.

I do agree with @AllSerene - it is fascinating how each of us has developed their own workflow!

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