Option to print Date long with Postcards ID


I noticed recently that many prefer to have date on the cards they receive. I usually print the addresses of the people that I am about to send. But many times I forget to write the date on the card.
So, could you please give an option to select the date also while selecting the “Postcard ID” & “Address”
Shown below for your reference;

The result could be like this:

This could make life a lot easier.

Thank you very much.

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To be honest I couldn’t care less as I rarely print out the addresses. Exceptions are addresses in a foreign alphabet. But even then I only print out the address part and not the ID or something else.


yes but then the next person would like the weather as well and the address will get very messy. i’ve read somewhere that we should not write the id next or above the address because sorting machines will get confused? so i don’t think adding more numbers to it is a good idea.

i made a habit of writing first the address, then the id-code and then the date, so i never forget. my life is pretty easy i think :nerd_face:


Looking at the picture you posted, it looks like date is listed under the checkbox ‘postcard details’ already. So you can have it printed.

It is possible and it looks horrible in my eyes.

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Ah, I see!

not that anyone reads it because all cards with printed address i’vd received have the id code right above it, but postcrossing advices to cut it up and put it somewhere else.

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While we are at it, an option to add our username is also welcome.
Original discussion: Postcrosser User names on cards.

But why would you need to print all these things, when you can just write them, like it is traditionally done on postcards? And why would you add so much to the address, so that the cards will end up lost? (assuming you are not cutting and pasting on different parts of the card).
If people want the date and username and you forget, it is not the end of the world, while it’s nice to do something the other person likes, you also can (and should, in my opinion) do things on your own term. Writing the date is totally natural for me and would not think of not doing it, writing the username is unnecessary for me as I explained in the other thread, so I will not do it unless I have a reason to do so.

I am always shocked when someone puts the ID near the address (printed or otherwise), aren’t these people worried that the machines will get confused, thinking it’s part of the address, and the card will be lost?

More than once, I thought the ID was missing, opened the form to ask for help from the admins to locate the ID, and as I was filling in the form and looking more closely at the card, realised that the ID was with the address (I wouldn’t examine the address side, I know my address, don’t care about stamps, and wouldn’t expect the ID to be there).


I’m dyslexic. Just trying to minimize the errors/mistakes.

To all the people against this idea, can you see from my perspective?

Appreciate it if you can be a bit more considerate in supporting this idea.


I’m fine with the Idea, I don’t print addresses myself, but it could be useful (like in the Case of @SimplyArjun).
The only thing which is important but often neglected is that it is forbidden to write anything other than the address in the address area, at least in my country. I often see the ID directly above the address, so the date could be a problem if not cut and glued anywhere else.


As explained by @_Hawkwind_ above, you can print the date. Just tick the option postcard details, you will get the date and even distance.

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Okay, understand where you are coming from now. I guess I wasn’t thinking of specific needs (well I was when I realised that you can even print people’s profiles, which I had never noticed, and I imagined that it would be for people that for some reason have a problem with the screen, but I didn’t think about having to minimise errors).

Ultimately, it is up to the Postcrossing team so our opinions only matter a little (of course if an idea is more popular, they will be more likely to consider, but still their decision). I’m still unsure as, as someone else said, then where do you stop - how many fields should be added for printing?

And I still would recommend not put anything next to the address, I live in fear of mail getting lost so I am surprised things get through like that…

I hate when people print my address and ID number. They glue them together never separate and never write it else where. I get big black bar through the ID. At times completely covered


I also think that the date shouldn’t be put with the ID directly over the address line - I had misguided cards because the sorting machines apparently had problems with this. :slightly_frowning_face:

If the idea should be implemented, then perhaps the date of the card and the ID could be put not above, but next to the address in the side to print, just like the “request date” in the picture above? So you have to cut it out separately to glue it somewhere else on the card, and aren’t “invited” to leave it directly above the address where it might cause problems.

@SimplyArjun, I never print my addresses, but I can see the advantages for people who have difficulties with handwriting or just don’t want to make mistakes.

Adding the username is going too far in my opinion, this would surely cause more delivery problems if glued over the address…


That seems like a very good idea!


I think even as a dyslexic you can make it your routine to first write the id and then place and date before starting with the text.
Furthermore I think the addresses would like to see when the card was written, not when the address was pulled or printed and that is a difference if you write the vard a few days after pulling the address.