Opt-out from offical cards address emails

I didn’t find this in the setting but I would appreciate the option to not receive the emails with an address when drawing addresses in the official site. I never go to my email to check addresses so it would be great if I could not have my email flooded with messages I automatically delete anyway.

What do you think? Would it be too much work to implement / too confusing for new users?


I would love this option too :grinning: I also never check these emails, I always just write the postcard straight away when the address is still on my screen, or I go to my travelling postcards to look up the address.


I’d love to have that option. It is sufficient for me to have the info on the website until the card is registered. So for me the E-Mail is unnecessary mail traffic.

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I think you should certainly have the option to opt out, but I’d not want them to go away. I use very one of those emails, as they provide the address in text, which I can cut and paste to my label maker software, as opposed to as a an image, which is how it appears on the website. Much easier work-flow. I also then have a record I can refer back to without being connected to the internet.


Yes, I don’t want to remove the feature, only make it optional. Like you can select whether you want to receive emails when someone likes or comments on your postcards.