OPEN! UK to UK / IOM / Channel Islands Postcard Trade/ Swap. Harry Potter


Updated as I realised postage to the Isle of Man, or the channel islands are the same as domestic.

Please bear with me on this I am new to using the forum!

My name is Caden and I am from the UK. With the price of international postcards going up, I am struggling to afford to send many international at the moment. I wondered if anyone would be interested in any Harry Potter postcards, I can swap a normal written one by me or can trade a couple blank ones for return. Please let me know if interested.



Hi and welcome to the British Isles forum! I think we’re all feeling the pain of the recent price increases :disappointed_relieved:

I would be happy to swap with you! I’ll send you a private message!

Also there are lots of different ways to swap within the British Isles on this forum - there are tags and Round Robins just like on the international forum, as well as the travelling envelopes where you swap blank cards to refresh your collection! They are all “pinned” to the top of this forum if you want to look!


Thank you for introducing me to this forum, I didn’t even know about it!

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Several of us buy our stamps from Philatelink. They’re a reputable stamp dealer, and the prices for stamps are much cheaper than those from Royal Mail.


Thank you, I will have to check this out. Do you have to buy in bulk?

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It’s cheaper if you do, but you can buy stamps individually as well. Obviously, we can’t all afford to pay a huge amount in one go. Eg. you can buy individual 1st class barcoded stamps for 87 pence each, or 100 more characterful older 1st class stamps for 80 pence per stamp. Both of these options are a considerable saving on the Royal Mail price of £1.10. (2x 1st class= £2.20, the international postcard rate.)


Thank you so much for this information, I really do appreciate it!

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I woud love a Harry Potter postcard :mage: :magic_wand:

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Hey, I’ve messaged you.

:wave:t2: happy to swap a few blanks in an envelope! I mostly have literature cards, let me know if interested

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Hi, I’d love to receive a Harry Potter card too. I’m an illustrator and send out my own (printed) cards, you can see in my sent postcards. Let me know if you’d like to swap, I’m trying to use up stamps before the deadline so I don’t have to send them back to the post office!

Hello I’d love a Harry Potter postcard what can I send you in return?