[OPEN] Please Share a short Positive and Meaningful Life Quote by Famous Indian Person for My One-Page Mini Zine Project

You are an awesome person. Your handwriting and efforts, I am praising. You made a beautiful piece of art. These lines gives me strength :people_hugging: :hugs: and I hope it brings to you too

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The quote said 2500 years back then still relevant even today a simple one
“Live and Let Live”
By Lord Mahavira
24 th Thithankara of Jainism. They are considered as the Liberated soul attained Nirvana 2500 years back.
The quote is about a simple preaching and principle in Jainism it’s about Non Violence Popularly or commonly known as “Ahimsa”
You live and let live all creatures in the universe. causing no harm to any one.
“Ahimsa Parmo Dharma”
Non violence is the main and foremost principle to be followed by one and all in their Life.
Hope you like it.