Only postcards to USA and Russia

Hello dear Postcrossers,
in the last time I get almost always the destination USA and Russia…
And there the post needs normally 30-60 days… :frowning:
Do you also have this problem? I ask mainly the postcrossers from Europe.
Thanks you.
Greetings, Lukas

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Currently there’s a lot of US and Russian users mailing cards and as they get them registered, your address is given. Just the luck of the draw. You can set your settings to get a card from your own country.

Do you have the repeated country option switched on perhaps? If so, that might be the reason for that, because I generally only have two postcards traveling to the same country (generally ones with many members) at the same time.

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You probably have enabled “repeated countries”? Try to check that option off.

It is not exactly a problem, but a normal thing to happen. USA, Russia and Germany are currently the biggest Postcrossing countries so it is common to have several cards traveling to there. I currently have 5 on way to Russia, and 3 to both Germany and USA. You might wanna test out the “send to your own country” option, and you will for sure get lot of cards to Germany, which will be really fast!

The mail to Russia and USA takes sadly bit longer even in normal situation, and now with Corona and holiday seasons the mail is even slower :confused:

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I don‘t have the repeated countries option on and it‘s the first time that I‘ve had 4 cards travelling to the US at the same time (while having 11 travelling all in all). Before, I only ever had two cards to the same country at max. I was wondering about that, too, because I‘ve never experienced that before! (But I don‘t mind writing a lot of cards to the US ;)).

I have the repeated countries box unchecked and I’ve been getting a lot of USA and Germany. :slight_smile:

I’m in the US and primarily get Russia and Germany.

but the thing is, if no one has the repeated country option ticked then everyone is gonna send to the same countries eventually. the people in those countries will have to get their cards some way.


Out of my 16 cards that are travelling: 5 to Germany, 4 to USA and 3 to Russia. Some people say you get a greater diversity of countries when you draw a bunch at one time. I used to do that, but now I draw addresses one at time when I am ready to write cards. I usually write anywhere from 2-4 in one sitting. Each time I draw, I usually get German and US addresses, but I don’t mind.

Hi, I have 4 postcards travelling to USA and 5 to Russia.
I have disabled “repeated countries"

yesterday I sent 4 postcards: 2 to RU and 2 to US&A (:-)), but no problem

I have 35 travelling, repeated option checked, not my own country.
And my cards are going to:
1 to Japan
1 to Taiwan
8 to USA
10 to Germany
15 to Russia

So yes, a lot to USA and Russia (also Germany for me), but two surprises too (Japan and Taiwan).
And slow, 20-60+ days

But, before christmas season, some card to USA arrived in 9 days, and to Russia in two weeks, so maybe it will get better again :slight_smile:

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At the moment I have 28 cards travelling of which 4 have expired (China, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico). The remaining 24 are going to (repeated countries and own country unchecked):

6 to Russia
5 to the US
2 to Canada
2 to Finland
2 to Taiwan
1 to the Netherlands
1 to Lithuania
1 to Norway
1 to Japan
1 to Brazil
1 to Czechia
1 to China

How many can you have travelling at one time?

I’m new so could only send 5, but didn’t realise it would increase by a lot?


Thank you for the link :+1:

I am from the US and have the option to send within the US currently on; however, I have Repeated Countries off. Even still, of the last 12 postcards I’ve drawn since 01-Jan, 11 of them have been Russia, US, or Germany. (Japan was the only other one.)

(My most recent to Germany only took 12 days, so hopefully trans-Atlantic mail will be speeding up.)

it seams USA is the top now drawn instead of Germany.

I have sent lots to Germany but not so many to Russia.

USA balance sent is a lot compared to received.

I also get to send a lot to Germany, USA and Russia. But receive the most cards from Germany.
just received in one week three cards from this country.

The tip was save up my numbers so I can draw in one time more cards at the same time. And yes that seemed to help because I got to send 1 card to French Polonesia, 1 card to Balarus, 1 to Cheche, 1 USA, 1 Germany, 1 Russia. But I find it difficult to wait and save them up… No I have to wait I think a pritty long time for 6 or 8 adresses to draw in one time again.

And no wonder you get to send and receive a lot of cards from Germany . I red the blog where the numers of 2020 were presented. And with more than a milion cards send last year that makes Germany the impressive number 1.