Online shops (wiki)

Added Wildflower Oslo

Removed No-en since the website seems to have expired.

@meiadeleite I tried to add the link to Janet Bell that @hoiyeeanita mentioned above, since it seemed that no one had added it to the wiki yet. But I got an error saying the post has too many words/letters.

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Since I have nothing better to do, I took the liberty of going through the wiki and checking links that doesn’t work anymore. I will post the links here, and maybe they need to be deleted from the wiki?

Can anyone from Canada check if these are still selling postcards, because it didn’t look like that when I checked:
Canada Post Postcards ← seems to only sell stamps and envelopes?
Chapters ← the link is a 404, but a search for “postcards” gave me only a few actual postcard books, and lots of other stuff that are not postcards.

This one seems to not work at all: E-Mages

Ampelmann.Shop, Berlin This shows as a 404 (page not found) Do they still sell postcards?
Arndt Laude Fotografie, Kunst und Karten My browser failed to open this page due to the server didn’t respond.
Düsseldorf Shop shows “Es tut uns leid, aber Ihre Suche nach Produkten hat keine Treffer ergeben.” which means “your search resulted in no matches.” So it seems they don’t sell postcards anymore?
life-by-lines ← link is missing.
PostalHeart This link only gave me this error: “Pr Err:Error: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT” and didn’t open the page.

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Anamnesia ← failed to open, couldn’t connect to server.

Destino Error 404, page does not exist. EDIT: I did a search for and it showed results, so I updated the link to the product category for postcards. Page not found. But it seems they have an Etsy shop?
Shop Clues doesn’t have paper postcards? Only metal postcards?

I did not check these:
Shopee Indonesia

Badger & Blue gave me a 404, page not found.
Penpaling Paula Doesn’t seem to have any physical postcards in their shop, only printables?
Soul Links Postcards Etsy shop doesn’t exist anymore? EDIT: Deleted.

ana tomy no postcards?
Pigeon Postcard closed, I will remove the link after I have gone through the rest of the wiki. EDIT: Deleted.
Pos Malaysia gave me a 404, page not found. So they don’t sell postcards anymore?

I did not check the Shopee Malaysia shops

Netherlands (clickable link is not added) EDIT: added clickable link.
Postzegel erop Shows as a “not secure” website, and when I want to visit the page despite the warning, the page is not showing. It might be safe and showing for people with a Dutch IP address, though?
veer - no clickable link added. EDIT: added clickable link.

Cynthia Bauzon-Arre shop has moved to a new page: Cynthia Bauzon-Arre EDIT: updated link to her new shop.

I did not check the Shopee Philippines shops

Napiszkartkę.pl looks like the domain has expired so the page is not available. EDIT: deleted.

New Jamp gives me a 503 error, service unavailable. (“The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”)

Мeleniza postcard is this page not working anymore? Can anyone from Russia please check?
МyPostland same here, can anyone from Russia check if this one is active?
Чердак not working?
PaperFOX page not active anymore?
Мурр-почта failed to open in my browser, might still be working for Russian IP addresses?

The Postcard House the domain is for sale, so I guess the shop is not active anymore… EDIT: deleted.

[kamila-la]( красивая открытка ( link only needs to be fixed :sweat_smile: EDIT: this was posted wrong. Deleted from Spain. It was already posted under Russian shops.

Adlibris only sell books? I did a search for “vykort” and it seems they sell postcards. I can change the link so it shows the search result. EDIT: updated link to search result.
Upside link goes to a 404, but a search for “vykort” shows they sell postcards. I will change the link to it goes to the “vykort” product category. EDIT: updated link so it goes to product category for postcards (vykort).
The Etsy shop magicae is not linked. EDIT: shop now has a working clickable link.

United Kingdom
Cardtoons Publications shows as a 404 page not found. A search for “postcards” shows results, so maybe change the link to the search result. EDIT: link updated.
Paperchase It says the online shop has closed. EDIT: Deleted.
Victoria & Albert Museum Shows as a 404 page not found. A search for postcards gives results EDIT: link updated.
tilliecm seems shop has been deleted. EDIT: Deleted.

@postboo Great job! Maybe update cardtoons link to this one as you’ve suggested

Also V&A to search results page

Paperchase has now closed down

Delete tilliecm

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Christopher Arndt Postcard Co. this one doesn’t open for me at all, but I will check again when I’m in the US. ETA: Works from the US.
Deviantart shows a 404 page not found. A search for “postcard” shows only downloadable content or that you have to order a personalized illustration? ETA: I don’t get how to buy postcards from this page, all I see is art that is free to download. Please enlighten me? :sweat_smile:
Estate Sales (Usually Vintage) seems that the page is blocked for me, but it might be working for people with a US IP address (I can check again in some days as I will be in the US then) ETA: Works from the US.
GDBEE.ART opens in April.
Ink Goes Wild Alaska Postcards my OCD needs this to be a whole link :see_no_evil: ETA: Updated here, need to be changed in the wiki too.
Laughing Elephant 404 page not found. ETA: Link to the page has been updated in this post, need to be edited in the wiki too.
MeganMarieMyersArt ← no active link here. ETA: Link updated here, need to be updated in the wiki too.

Thank you.

I have updated the links for Cardtoons and V&A

Deleted Paperchase and tilliecm.

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Thank you so much for this list!! I am new to post-crossing and while I do have a large number of postcards, it’s still fun to stock up on a variety of interests so I can send fun cards to other post-crossings and accommodate their own “want” list! :slight_smile:

@meiadeleite hello! I attempted to edit the wiki with a new link for an etsy shop, but it would not let me save it because there seems to be too many characters in the post… just wanted to let you know in case there is anything you can do to adjust the character limit. I also scrolled back and saw that someone else had the same issue a while ago.

I just opened an Etsy shop selling some postcards! Happy to ship internationally. LemonGirlFinds -

I just tried to edit but it failed due to the post reaching the text limit. Could I suggest this post is edited to split into 2 posts?

I wanted to add an Etsy shop in Australia BecsVintagePost - Etsy Australia


I’m sorry everyone for this frustrating situation… it seems that there are more shops in the world than space in this wiki :sweat_smile:

@postboo You’ve been doing a brilliant job at keeping this wiki updated — thank you so much! :pray: I can see you’ve already incorporated some of the changes you’ve detected… Are there more that you have not gone through yet, that we could delete/tweak to help release some space?

Otherwise, if this keeps happening, perhaps we should move some of these bigger lists to new topics/wikis
inside the respective country sections on the forum, and leave just a link here, under the country name (to preserve the table of contents).

What does everyone think?


Hello, the Singapore Postcard House has shifted to IG for selling

Here’s the link:

Thank you for all your hard work in keeping this wiki updated! :smiling_face:

I think it is a good idea to transfer longer lists to #communities and just link them here.
Nevertheless, we should remove the links that lead nowhere from the wiki.

In #communities:german-deutsch we have a topic with online shops that is already linked here in the list.
We could compare both lists and transfer the shops that are listed here but not yet in our list.
This would free up a lot of space here.

@Cassisia What do you mean?


I think this is a really good plan. It is good that people on here are sharing so many place to obtain cards but I can see how it would stretch the system. I think the idea of a link to the country’s list is an excellent one. Thanks for working around this complex issue. Preserving the table of contents would be important and I agree it should be a priority. Some content could be moved once the list is cleaned up.


I just added an online store in Ukraine to the list above.
I highly recommend them!
Despite the hardships caused by the war, they are still active and sending postcards. I’ve ordered from here a few times over the past months, everything has been OK.


Can someone add this etsy shop to the Netherlands? I get an error

At the moment I don’t have much time for the forum, but over Easter I can try to have a look at the shops and transfer them to “my” list. :wink: