"Online Connection & Elation" August-December 2023

Reporting for dec. I’ve received all but # 19!!! Just got 8,9, and 17!! And they are all so cute❤️


Hello sorry for the late response but I received all of mine for October, are there any that got lost and need to be resent from me? Thank you!


Hello! Reporting for December…

@darlindanz #14 , Thank you for the shimmery card and adorable Christmas stamps!
@speechlady99 #17 , Love the Yellowstone card - AND RIP! We need to exchange card with Rip on it next time :laughing: :fire:


#14 Reporting for Dec

#9 @Amalan thanks for the nice Christmas card. I hope you enjoyed Texas. We stayed in and I loved it!

#2 @katiekins I love the AWA set, thanks for the card! We don’t do advent calendars but the coffee one sounds so good!


Might be a bit early, but I am interested in February’s RR - not sure if it will be announced on this thread or not… I am still trying to learn how to navigate the forum/messages!! TY in advance!


YAY! I’ll be participating then too! Since she’s refocused to her original vision of 25 participants, you’ll want to post over there once she opens it up (usually towards the end of the month…the January cards still aren’t due till 18th). It’ll be in the 2024 thread here: OC&E RR - Online Connection & Elation CLOSED FOR JANUARY SIGNUPS!


#6 reporting card received from #17. Thank you @Tracy-CO, Tracy for the sweet holiday kitty postcard. Why do they love sleeping on and in boxes? :slight_smile:

All December cards sent and received. Thanks everyone!!


I love them too! They are such good quality postcards. I wish they would make more.


I’m finally getting a chance to report on my amazing December cards! I came home from my holiday travels to such beautiful, sweet postcards from my friends here at the OC&E RR. Thank you all!

P.S. I still have my Christmas tree up. Since I’m usually in AL for half of December, I don’t get to enjoy my decorations very long. So, I normally leave them up until February. I love Christmastime!

**#15 @GraceFamily **
Received: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (me), 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
To receive: 2, 19

Thank you to:
#1 @ReadWithMelissa - beautiful Bible verse card with nicely decorated back, love it!

#4 @jenz88 - super cool retro video arcade games, brings back so many great memories!

#5 @TheMailmansWife - precious vintage style Santa card with a young girl and her doll, reminds me of pictures of my mom when she was younger.

#6 @sarabb - adorable fox card, I love all the shiny details and the pretty yellow flower stickers on back. My nana had 2 weiner dogs as I was growing up, and my middle son loves them too.

#7 @PrincessFlamingo - beautiful cacti and succulents card (the only houseplants I can keep alive). Great card!

#9 @Amalan - wonderful jolly Santa card, I just want to hug him! We always open new Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve, too. My parents did it for my sister and I growing up and we both continue it with our kids. My mom also always made cinnamon rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree for breakfast on Christmas morning, and we still keep that tradition too.

#14 @darlindanz - what a lovely, textured vintage card. I love how you repurposed the vintage card and I love the stamps. We made frosted sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies this year.

#21 @carried_away - what a fun 80s throwback card featuring He-Man & She-Ra!! There’s even a Lisa Frank style sticker on the back. Love it!

#23 @LLAcademy - a truly special Christmas card with a long, thoughtful message, plus some extra fun stickers and other goodies. Thank you so much! We enjoyed the “White Christmas un Houston” song. It’s been the same for us! Never had a white Christmas.

#25 @TwoDoggies - beautiful nativity card, it’s so pretty! Sounds like you had a wonderful childhood!

#27 @susanwilson - I love this LouPaper card with al my favorite Christmas things! It’s so fun and festive!

#29 @alisonp2022 - awesome Titina & Friends map of Washington, DC! I went when I was a child. I hope to be able to take my kids one day. My oldest son especially would love to see all the monuments.

#30 @risabell96 - adorable Christmas doggie postcard! Looks so sweet!


#3 reporting another arrival for Dec
#29 @alisonp2022 Alison, thank you for this adorable card. My cats are Leia (Little Bit), Chippa (Fatty), & Freddie Mercury (Chonk). We had another, Momma, who passed just before Christmas. Husband says no more, but around here the cat distribution system is STRONG. We’ll have another within a year.

Only waiting on # 5 & 20


#18 hazygirl received from #2 @katiekins

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#26 reporting for December

#2 @katiekins - a Lydia Jean witchy holiday card. I love it, she’s one of my favorite postcard makers! Her art is always so fun!

I have now received all for December.

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#17 reporting for December
Received: #1, 2, 9, 15 & 30
Awaiting: #20

#1 @ReadWithMelissa- I love this card, I love the message, and it is glittery! Thank you for the drawn snowman, and string lights.

#2 @katiekins- I love the Hanukkah Lou Paper, thank you for sending it, We have a few traditions, and started a new one this year, making egg rolls, versus traditional foods. Operation Christmas Child Shoebox is such a great tradition. We do stockings for the Salvation Army.

#9 @Amalan- Thank you for the pretty Christmas card, I love the deep red colors. Hope you had a great holiday season!

#15 @GraceFamily- Thank you for the cutest postcard! I liked Hanson too, New Kids had a Christmas album, it was okay. They released a newer Christmas song a few years ago that was great.

#30 @risabell96- Thank you for the pretty Christmas card, I love the red tones. Hope you had a great holiday season.


#22 reporting for Dec. #2 @katiekins arrived yesterday!!:flushed: Girl, yes, we could absolutely be besties haha. Love your profile as well! Thank you for the awesome monet painting! :heart_eyes: I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :blush:


#20 reporting for November

Thank you @thetinylibrarian #25 for the gorgeous postcard of Greece. I’m so glad it made it’s way to me. :heart:

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#3 reporting arrivals for December
#5 @TheMailmansWife I love talking postal logistics with you. :heart: It’s funny that you say your hubby is the grouchy mailman. I’ve never met a grouchy mailman. A grouchy counter worker, yes; but not a grouchy delivery person. I’d love that job!

#20 @bookendss Juliana Did you get any snow yet? Thanks for the lovely vintage postcard :heart: and the teas :teapot: blessings to you. Did you give your mom her cards yet?

ALL RECEIVED for December


We haven’t had snow in this part of Louisiana in seven years sadly :weary: I wish! My boys and I were really hoping it would snow the last few days, but all we got was the hard freeze and iced over everything!

I did give my mom all the postcards/cards I received for her and she still has them displayed all over the house. She was so grateful that I did that for her and says she rereads them often. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for helping be a part of that. :love_letter: Hope all is well with you! See you around :slight_smile:


#25 @TwoDoggies reporting more cards received for December.

#2 @katiekins sent a LouPaper winter-themed card. I do like crocheting alot; my problem is my right hand suffers the effects of overuse and I have to try and take long breaks to let the swelling subside. It stinks to get older!

#5 @TheMailmansWife sent a Happy Holidays card of stacked Ball jars. Poor Joseph…face down in the dirt!


#10 reporting a straggler! Mail is weird sometimes! Haha

#19 Sherri B sent a cute retro Santa card. Ty! I hope you had a lovely Christmas as well!



I got a Nov card in the mail this week from
#5 @TheMailmansWife. Thank for the sweet turtle. When we lived in Florida we LOVED going to watch the babies hatch. I have been to Greenville with Sharing Hope and I agree it’s a delightful area with so much to do!