One-click access to private messages

I would really like to see one-click access to private messages.

As it stands now, I have to click on my avatar/account, then click on the person icon, then click summary, and then click on messages. Is there no better way to make this accessible?

If there is already a shortcut, please let me know, as I haven’t discovered it. It seems to be even more clicks needed after the update today :thinking:

I don’t know, is it just me? Yes, I know I need to practice my patience, but why is the private message system so “hidden” in the new forum? Could we add a messaging icon at the top of the page?


I just have to click on my avatar and then in the message icon :email:

(I am not sure if it changes something, but I am using my phone.)


That takes me to any specific message, which is still Ok, but I still have to click 3 times to get to the main inbox and have full access to all my sent/received.

I don’t like the list of messages here like this, I guess. I want to go to a main inbox where I can manage all messages. For me, it just seems round-a-bout and counterintuitive.


The first click on the envelope shows the tab with all the messages but if you click it the second time (instead of any messages below), it goes straight to inbox. So it’s 1. click the avatar 2. click the envelope 3. click the envelope again.

Also, if you don’t mind using keyboard - you can click g and m to go straight to your inbox. Only remember to not use it while replying to anything, otherwise you’ll only write gm in the message box :wink:

More useful shortcuts are here:


Thanks for sharing. I did not realize if I clicked twice on the envelope that it would take me to the inbox. Still, I’m scratching my head wondering why there isn’t just a separate icon that automatically takes us to our message center, a one-click option. I guess for me, this particular part of the new forum seems to be a step backwards from the old forum. (Along with not having an option to create sub folders in the inbox, but that’s a different discussion that’s already been brought up elsewhere.) It probably bothers me more than it should, but I thought I may not be the only one who wishes for this feature.