One card for two recipients

Hi everyone

I love to do postcrossing myself, but also with my classes at school where I teach languages.

Now for the second time already 2 people from the same class have received a card ‘together’.
I can only say: this is not fun for them at all…

They look forward to getting a card back and then they have to split it with a fellow classmate. So they now have to choose who can take the card home, etc.

Can you please not be cheap and send two cards in stead of one when you get two addresses that are the same?

Thanks a lot!


Did you contact the senders and ask them to send a second card? If yes and they don’t want to send another one you can report this to the postcrossing team contact


I suspect that 2 ID’s were written on the card. Was that so?
Did you register both IDs?
You don’t have to do that, because for every address someone draw they have to write a seperate card.
Please inform the support about this :arrow_right: Contact us