On the searching for specific postcards

Hello dear Postcrossers!!!

This is my second topic, I looked up if there was any topic of this kind but I didn’t find so if there is let me know.

The thing is that there are many kinds ,themes, shapes, designs etc of postcards and many shopes, online or not to buy them. So, sometimes it’s too hard to find a specific theme or design you’re looking for. So I thought that since we all are out there looking for postcards or just buying whatever postcard we like and everyone knows and have some places where they get cards, why don’t we share these places and help out our fellow postcrossers when they want to find something?

So, if you are looking for a theme, design, or generally any kind of postcard the you can’t find, this is a topic to ask your fellow postcrossers if they know where you can find them :slight_smile:

And if you are a veteran postcrosser who is many years in this site and knows every postcard place around, this is the right place to help your fellow postcrossers find what they are looking for :slight_smile:


So I’m starting XD

I’ve been looking all over the internet for Sherlock Holmes postcards but the best I found was a set of 8 BBC Sherlock postcards. Does anyone know where I can find a big set of Sherlock postcards online or where there’s a physical shop with Sherlock Holmes postcards?

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Try this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Royal-Mail-Sherlock-Postcards/dp/B08DV93PZG

I’d like some doors + windows postcards.

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Hey, thanks :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration:

You’re welcome!

Doors and windows, anyone?

I have seen stained glass windows postcard sets, like this one:


They are very pretty :slight_smile: but might not be exactly what you’re looking for…

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Maybe try here:

There’s a whole section of the forum dedicated to where to find postcards:

Thank you for that useful link, they have many sets of postcards. Trouble is, they’re very slow (I’ve got them on my list of slow deliverers, and that was pre-covid). But I’ve bookmarked them to look at later.

Thank you also for that useful link. They’d be sent from Poland, it seems.

This vendor has Doors and Windows sets, but I’m not able to find that set on Amazon as it suggests.


Here’s a link. I’ve bought them several times, but unfortunately they’ve been out of stock for a while.

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This topic is to generally find postcards, this topic is to find specific postcards. :grin: That’s why I made it


Hey, I found some door postcards:

Thank you for all the helpful responses, I have bookmarked them. This is a helpful and friendly community, despite what some people may say or think. :smile:


well, one thing is sure; this forum is my favourite place in internet


Thought book depository ships from UK? I bought some postcards and books on them last year and it generally took 2 weeks.

Hi I am looking for mbti types themed postcards if anyone knows where I can find something like that please let me know :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

Hey Archie @SailingBy these cute plant rooms feature windows & seem reasonably priced for direct-from-artist prices :heart: thought you might like

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Thanks for the suggestion but they’re really not my style. Thanks anyway.

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