On the Hunt for Fermanagh/Enniskillen Postcards - Can You Help?

Hello, lovely chaps and chapesses!

Does anybody out there have a modern(ish) card (or cards, let’s dream big!) of County Fermanagh or Enniskillen?

I am looking for some unposted cards to send with a parcel to my brother (we were born in Enniskillen) over in America. His young lads have never seen Ulster or - indeed - Ireland.

Happy to swap for whatever you like. I have some awesome David Shrigley cards or - of course - local topo cards, PHQs, etc…

:crossed_fingers: :heart:

I don’t have any @LondonGopher but if nobody else can help, Redbubble are often good for postcards for smaller places, they have some here: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/?query=Enniskillen%20postcards&ref=search_box

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Thanks for that, @jobloggs. What’s the quality like with those, do you know? Do they look/feel like commercially printed cards, or more like the self-printed ones?


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Honestly I’m not sure! I wonder if other users have used the site? I believe it’s like Zazzle where lots of different artists create the cards, so the quality isn’t necessarily consistent- I’ve had some really professional cards from Zazzle but the odd one that’s not so great!

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Ive used redbubble quite a lot and haven’t got any complaints with them at all. The print quality is good and the card stock is decent. If you like @LondonGopher I can send you a card I have at the moment which I got from them so you can judge the quality before spending out?


How kind of you, @Natea.

I trust your judgement. :grin:

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Hi, I have some, I will send you a PM.

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