Oldest card in your to-be-sent stash?

I was getting ready to send a postcard today and I realized that I have had the card in question for a long time. A loooong time.

I bought this near when I first started postcrossing - I was living in Denver in the US and I visited Munich (2011). Then I got home and realized people often said they wanted cards from the country of origin and so I bought other cards and kept passing over this one, and here we are now - I’m living in Germany and sending this card 12 years later! :rofl: :skull:

So, do you have cards that have just been sitting there waiting for the right moment? How long have they been waiting, and why? Or if you finally sent it, how long was it from buying to sending?


Though I have some cards which are in my stock for more than 35 years there’s one card I still know the exact date when I got it:

08/10/96 - on my first flight ever, from Munich to Pisa. It was part of the goodie bag on board. So it is somehow a free card but to get it I had to pay ~ 300 € (~ 600 DM back then) for the ticket :sweat_smile:

As the flight was followed by ~ 15 with Air Dolomiti in the following years I had some more of these cards but ended up with only two of them - both from 1996 as I kept them in an album.


So you’re keeping that though, not sending it, right?

I’m also intrigued by the idea of expensive “free” cards! :joy: