Old stamps adhesive isn't sticking, advice?

I have been using old usps stamps (1970-1980s) on my mail for a while now but sometimes the stamps come off during transit or sometimes even right after they dry since the adhesive is old. I think I should just start using an adhesive on each one now before mailing but I need to find an adhesive that is inexpensive and good for things like stamps. Anyone have any suggestions?


In India, all our stamps are the non- sticker type. As in they’re not the self-adhesive type.

I just use some normal liquid glue or run a gluestick and it works perfectly! I don’t think I’ve ever had a stamp fall off


That sometimes happens here with me. As long as the stamps are unused, apply some glue to the back (a glue stick). That will keep them firmly in place.

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Maybe I should get a better glue stick the ones I use are not that strong either

I am using stationary PVA glue. The Printing Department of my country use the same glue for making the gum on the back of stamps.


I buy them regularly from Staples.

Glue sticks work for me - I also put the envelope under a book for a few hours so the stamps have some weight on them to really stick & time to dry.


Scrapbook glue tape.

Elmers Glue works great

Commenting on my old post to say if anyone else is in this situation I’ve been using this now for the old lick and stick stamps. Alot fall off because the glue is so old on there stamps and even a glue stick sometimes dries out underneath. This is a mini Manuel sticker machine. It basically turns these stamps into stickers like if they were the newer kind. The adhesive is really amazing on them and they stick to anything with out a problem. So I wanted to share it on here so if anyone else has this problem it’s a solution