Oklahoma teacher asking for letters from all 50 states for class project

Oklahoma teacher asking for letters from all 50 states for class project

One first-grade class in Oklahoma is on a mission to spread love across the country!

Shirlana Harbin, a teacher at Okmulgee Primary School in eastern Oklahoma, is hoping her class will get a postcard or letter from each of the 50 states by Valentine’s Day. After they receive a postcard, they’ll take a heart and stick it on a map. Students will then dive into learning about that state, including famous landmarks, food, people and NFL teams.

If you would like to send a letter, address it to the following:

Okmulgee Primary School
Mrs. Harbin’s Class
1003 N. Okmulgee St.
Okmulgee, OK 74447
United States of America


marcus here arizona taken care of. what would you suggest on the card?

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I can do Georgia :raising_hand_woman:t3:

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We would love to send you letters from Pennsylvania.
The NMR-explores and Helen

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I can do California!

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Sending one from Oregon!

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I’ve got Florida

I’ll send from California.

Ill send South Carolina

I’ll send for Montana!

I’ll send one from Massachusetts!

Nevada here :grinning:

I’ll send one from Pennsylvania!

Indiana! I’ll send a card!

I can send one from Connecticut!

I am sending a few cards in an envelope from New York City. However, the USPS gives the school’s address as 1003 N OKMULGEE AVE. JamesC

New Jersey checking in! I’ll happily send a letter.

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I’m from California, are duplicates allowed?

Yes, duplicates are allowed (I did contact the teacher).


Sending from NJ :slight_smile: