Official User name and old forum name


I can see that my Official name is what is showing. I changed my Forum name a few years ago. I can not find a way to
switch to my newer Forum name to sign in with the Forum name of Hyshu65. Is there a way to do this?

These days no one would know my Official name.
If not, could change my Official name to Hyshu65?

Official postcrossing site and new forum are connected. If you change your postcrossing username, it will change your name in the forum too. (You are allowed to change the postcrossing username only 2 times).


Here is a topic where everyone can list their old and new forum names: Different username on the old forum

If you add yours there, people will be able to find you if they use the search.

You can add a notification with your old forum name to your profile.

Or you could change it on the official site.

The question is, which name do YOU want to keep using? You can only have one. But I am sure people will able to find you either way, although it may take a while at the beginning :wink:


You can change your username on Postcrossing’s main website in your account settings. The username Hyshu65 is currently available if you’d like to use that in both the main website and on the new forum.

Thank you, Paulo. I have changed my User name like you advised me to. I have been on Postcrossing since February 2007 and felt the time for a change! Thank you for creating Postcrossing!!