Official site - thank you message to stay if postcard ID is incorrect when registering

Just a thought (after a couple of mishaps). Would it be possible for the thank you message to remain in the box, if you make a mistake with the postcard ID when you are trying to register? A couple of times now I’ve written a longish message, clicked register and the ID has not been recognised. My mistake (a missing digit or misread digit etc). But then you have to write the message over again once you work out what the mistake is.
But maybe this only happens to me? :grimacing:


I think this might be about the browser or whatever settings you have on your device, because for me the text remains even when I mess up the ID number and the error message pops up :thinking:


Yes, I can confirm what @Kompis-Ninna wrote.
I’m using Firefox.


Just in case, copy your text before confirming the hurray-message. Works wonder!


Hmm, thank you @Bille @Kompis-Ninna @_Hawkwind_

I guess now I need to try to move this thread to the help section and see if anyone can help me adjust my settings. I’m using chrome.
I do copy the text sometimes but of course the messages that I don’t think to copy are the ones where I get the ID wrong!


I use Chrome as well, but my message stays if I enter the wrong ID. I just tried it. Wonder why it doesn’t for you. :thinking:

I’m using Chrome on my phone and the message stays for me, too.

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Did you check your Chrome browser settings to make sure that you’re not constantly clearing your browser cache or that you’re forcing it to never pre-load a webpage?

I’ve used Firefox for years and now, since about two years, Chrome.

So like the others said, also my message remains when I enter a wrong ID.

But I remember that in my early days (2013/2014) I had the same experience like @rovingalison, both with Firefox and Chrome.
Never changed any browser settings through the years, but one thing changed: I now (since about five years) use a complete different anti-virus software. Now I have a business edition (ESET endpoint) and I remember I chose this because of serious problems with other softwares (like Avira, Avast and Kaspersky - the drove me crazy, I tried them all…). As it’s well-known that some settings on anti-virus software can cause a lot of problems not only to other programs on the computer but also to the browser (settings) maybe this is something you can check? But check also the settings for the cache / pre-load.

My thank you message always remains in box. Maybe it’s because I use my phone and not a computer? I don’t know if it makes a difference though. I honestly don’t know what to say

my messages disappear, too :upside_down_face:
i never questioned it, always thought that’s just the way it is.
now i want them to stay!!
using firefox.

I use my computer, and the message stays, just last week I put a wrong number, and I had to only correct the number and register it, without writing the message again.

As others mentioned, the expected behavior is to keep the message there even if the submitted Postcard ID was wrong.

In fact, if one enters a Postcard ID and a message and try to navigate away to another page without submitting the form, it should warn you (this however, may be browser dependent).

If the message is disappearing when submitted with a wrong Postcard ID, perhaps something on the browser or on the computer may be interfering with the normal behavior of the page. Selectively disabling things would be the way to check but it can be time consuming; testing with a different browser may help narrow it down to the browser (if two different browsers do the same, then it’s something installed in the computer, like anti-virus or security software).