Official card to a postcrosser in prison?

Hi, I need your help please! :slight_smile:
I got an adress of a russian postcrosser, but I’m not sure about it.
The postcrosser himself wrote on his profile, that he unfairly went to russian jail and will be there for the next years. Also, that we, who got his adress, should never write about his postcrossing profile or like this. His statistic looks like around 20 sent/received each.
Do you think he says the truth?
What should I keep in mind while writing on the postcard?
Should I left out the Postcard-ID?
What do you think about it?
Thank you for reading and helping! :slight_smile:


I would say and therefore do write: Just contact Postcrossing Team via contact homepage. And delete this topic.


Okay, thank you, I will do it! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry. Please just write a card like you usually do.

Why should one doubt what he writes?
Then you would have to become suspicious of every profile you read.

This user has already received cards and registered some - so cards are probably arriving at the address he gave.

So I think you have to send him a card, as the PC rules say. What should happen except that the card does not arrive (as can happen with any card)?
Even prisoners are allowed to receive mail.
Of course you have to write the ID on it, but otherwise you’re just making small talk.


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