Offers Album link under Trades, requests section

I just had a great idea that there could be a new subsection under the trade and requests section for Flickr,google,Douban or whatever other sites people keep their offers on. This subsection would be a great place for people who like to do direct swaps can find interest. I know you can put your offers in just the postcard section. But sometimes when there’s just one persons link it’s easy to get swamped with requests. So if there’s a thread where people can put their offers album links so their will be many peoples links it’ll make it a bit easier to spread out all the swaps over a larger range of people


We had them in old forum. Maybe you can move them here

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I would but I wouldn’t know where to put it lol

I’ve been really missing this too! We would need the link bookmarked to the top so it would always be easily accessed. Sometimes I go on the post your offer tags and look through albums from there. But yes we need a specific album offers post that would be wonderful!

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Hello dear all ,

I have moved the topic/ subsection to :

About the Postcards category.

I have made a “wiki”, you can add your link to the post by using the pencil (top right corner) .

Thank you for the suggestion dear @Lissy99 :smiley:

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