[Offer] World Postcard Day Group Order - Canada

I’m planning to order a printing of the 2021 World Postcard Day design, but the smallest run I can get is for 50 postcards–more than I need. If you are in the Vancouver area (or elsewhere in BC, I suppose I could stuff a few in an envelope and mail them), and would like a few to use yourself, let me know.


It’s a good idea to post here in the Trades section, but I wonder if maybe you would have more luck posting in the North America section of them forum, so more Canadian people could see it.

Hi @AYates, I moved your offer to the #communities:north-america section of the forum, because I think it’s the correct place. Also the #trades-requests-offers:postcards is for swapping cards and not group-ordering.

I have about 30 postcards of the World Postcard Day design that I’m happy to give away to others in Canada. Let me know if you are interested!