[OFFER] Who would like a postcard from Japan?

Anyone in Ukraine want to receive a postcard from JAPAN?
I will send anyone in Ukraine written and stamped postcard from Japan and I will do this as long as I can…

But please help me by following these “rules”.

  • Please choose a card
  • I am not going to choose a card for you (Unless you don’t have an access to the flickr album)
  • The message may be ignored/skipped if you ask me to choose the card
  • One card for one person please

Here is the link to the album of Japan Postcards here

Please choose a card and post a link in the comment. No need to message me now but I will contact you directly when I am ready to send out the card to you !

NO NEED TO send me a postcard back but I will be very happy if you let me know when you received my card.

To be sent to:

Sent card to:
7. jesasus for this card

Sent on 26th Jan. to:
9. Karpanya with this card

Sent on 8th Feb. to:
10. MarSo23 with this card

5. Oleksandre
4. ehoirst
3. ShiNeko
2. Katryn
6. Sinichka


Sorry, I missed the part that is for the Ukrainian people.
Shame on me.

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Hello @lovelysunflower,
Thank you so much for such a generous offer! :heartpulse:
I would like this card if it is available:

Best wishes,

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Sorry @Shana_Leja, but thanks for your interest :slight_smile:
Maybe another time for rest of the world!

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Greetings from UKRAINE!
Thank you very much:)

Hello! Thank you for your offer!
Can I have this one?

Hello! Here is my selection, thank you:
Untitled | lovelysunflower2008 | Flickr

Cards are reserved and mailing!

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HI! Thank you for your offer!

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Please check my message and send me your address :slight_smile:

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Hello @anon97558184,
I love this card, I would be very grateful if you could send it. I read about this Japanese open-air museum and these houses are so similar to old Ukrainian houses.
Thank you for your great offer! :blush: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart:


All cards are sent :slight_smile:

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First card arrived :slight_smile:

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Second card arrived :slight_smile:

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Another card arrived :slight_smile:

Hi, I would be glad to receive this postcard)

Reserved :slight_smile:

Hello @anon97558184 !
Thank you for your support and kindness, you are a really generous person! I would like to receive this postcard if it possible.
All the best to you!
With gratitute, Lisa

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Hello, I would like to receive a postcard with this temple: Eihei-ji Temple | lovelysunflower2008 | Flickr

@anon97558184, I received your postcard today, and I’m so happy!
Thanks a lot for such a beautiful postcard with a lot of cool Japanese stamps! Your stamps are just a masterpiece!
Thanks for your kindness and support for ukrainian, we really appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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