[OFFER] US to US: animal facts related to endangered species stamps

Hello everyone,
I have a set of the endangered species US domestic stamps (below)

I received a card with animal facts on it recently and really enjoyed it, so I want to offer a similar thing: I do not have many animal postcards, but I can offer a random postcard with an animal stamp and facts related to the specific animal to match the stamp.

Since I have a limited amount of stamps and it would require several to send international, unfortunately for now I’m going to limit this project to within the US, which would have one stamp per card.

I would love to receive animal facts in return, but am also very interested in learning more about new places and new people. My favorite cards are photographs of cities or nature, but what makes a card really special for me is the writing on the back. I’d love to learn about animals in your area, local history, or more about you, for example inspirational or meaningful moments in your life, goals, what makes you happy, or whatever else you’d like to share!

Regardless of what you could offer in return, if you’d be interested at all in animal facts stamps/card please reach out!
Peace and good wishes,


I’d be interested in swapping, although you might be able to hold out for someone in a far away state, if that would make it more fun. So no hard feelings if my location makes me too boring :sweat_smile:

If you wanted to make this offer available internationally, but only use a single Forever stamp per postcard, you could top up the postage of each with low-denomination stamps!

My usual international combination right now is:

  • 1× Forever + 2× Red Fox 40¢ + 1× Grapes 5¢ + 1× Navajo Jewelry

But there’re many other combinations adding up to $1.55 that you can make using just stamps you can acquire from USPS’s online store!

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I have a postcard with moose facts I could send you from Maine. Let me know if you’d like it.

Thank you, this is great to know! I’m going to use up the stamps that I have first and then I’ll look into expanding my options when I restock.

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