OFFER: Free Starter Pack for Classes who want to start Postcrossing

I am offering three Starter Packs á 12 Postcards to Teachers who want to start Postcrossing with their Class or who are already doing it.
It´s FREE!


That’s awesome‼️ we are fixing to end the school year in two weeks. I would love to implement it for next school year.

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Hello Raffe,
I´m happy to hear that. I´ll take it that I will receive a Personal Message from you with a Postal Adress?
Or are you just expressing your support for my idea? I´m not exactly sure if I understand you correctly…Please help me out here.

German Oyinbo

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If there are any US teachers/classes who could use a starter pack (postcards + stamps), please DM me! :wave:

This a great opportunity for learners, thank you so much! Will send u a message.

Kerp safe,