Odd Postcrossing system behavior

Hi All,

So, yesterday, I got an email indicating a postcard I sent was registered. Yay! I went in to request an address and I noted that I had two cards available to send now. This was odd because…

  • I was caught up and knew that to that point I had no cards to send
  • I did not have any recent cards expire, thus allowing me a new one to send
  • I did not cross into a new level allowing me more cards to be sent

Flash to this morning, I got an email overnight saying that a postcard I sent was received. Ergo, I should be able to request a new address, right? No, the system says I am maxed out.

All I can figure is that for some reason there was a 12-hour lag in me getting that second email, and it served up the ability to send the card before I knew that one had been received that I had sent.

Anyone else experience this or have any ideas what happened?



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It happened to me in December. I saw that a card had been registered but the email arrived a couple of hours later.


I don’t know for sure, but your idea that the card was registered hours before you got email sounds plausible. Postcrossing doesn’t tell you right away when a card has been favorited. Maybe some of the ‘Hurray’ messages aren’t immediately issued either.


It’s happened to me a couple of times this past week but never before. As soon as I saw that I had a new slot opened up, but no email, I checked my sent postcards, and got confirmation that one had been registered in the past few hours. The email turned up later in the day.

1517065 is higher than 1516968 and 1516967

I realized that I’ve only looked at the last two digits and deleted my post, thank you. The positioning was still odd, since I couldn’t replicate it by mixing the filters (date, country, etc).