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#17 reporting

Received #11 @risabell96 thanks for the lovely elephant card!

Received #19 @jordynb a fabulous math card :slight_smile: I hope you can come to the meetup in Lexington! I’m so glad to be able to go to my 4th meetup :blush:


Omg!!! You’re right she wrote “official” on mine!! THANK YOU SO MUCH @mediumfunnysam


Ivy, Daisy, Dahlia, Clementine, Lavender & Fluffy


May OC&E to @dearsabrina

Received- 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 17, 19, 24, & 25

In Transit- 1, 6, 7, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20,21,22,& 23

3.) @MsKoby I always love how you hand letter my name and I am in love with that sticker! Congratulations to your daughter on her internship! What a well-deserved accomplishment after three years of hard work!

4.) @mediumfunnysam Welcome to the RR! My book club is reading Just For The Summer by Abby Jimenez. Honestly, I wasn’t very excited about it, but I keep hearing what a wonderful writer she is.

5.) @anggenie
What a great postcard. I love that you started my name with an S sticker on the back & what a cute fuzzy purple flower.

8.) @jenz88
Jennifer, you have impeccable handwriting! Thank you for the postcard. Your friend is a great artist. I do not miss the Texas humidity. I used to live in Houston and Austin.

10.) @pixxi88 In regard to chili are you team meat or no meat? I love that the recipe includes meat! I feel way more confident about the RICA. The math & science CSET have been a struggle!

11.) @risabell96
Love the fun fact PC. Our spring is here but this area we say May grey and June gloom. The sun is always overcast.

13.) @Sunhilde absolutely love this dragon postcard. The colors are beautiful. Homeschooling is a full-time job! I have quite a few friends that do it and my hat goes off to them. It’s so hard to watch the littles grow up. My youngest is graduating HS this month & starting college in the fall. It was really hard for me when they needed less of my time :cry:

17.) @hjbcats I have several Lego sets from the botanical collection. I’ll keep a bouquet up for a while then take it apart and reassemble later on.

19.) @jordynb what a cute postcard I think I might take it to work and display it. See what my coworker say.

24.) @kat4544 I love the snow White postcard and Queen of Hearts stamp! I can’t believe it is snowing in May! Do you participate in any snow sports?

25.) @sarahgrab1 I have not received a Tennessee LouPaper PC yet, thank you! My summer will be bittersweet. My husband is getting deployed, so I am planning staying busy spending a lot of time with my baby niece, reading, and gardening.


As a Texan, team meat. Not supposed to have beans either. :wink:

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Oh how sweet!!!


Received Lots of cards today! :slight_smile:

#4 @mediumfunnysam 's card today for May OC&E. Thanks so much for the card! I wasn’t brave enough to go up into the arch. :wink: I’m hoping next time I travel through I’ll have the courage to do it.

#21 @carried_away 's card. I’m surprised Colorado is still so cold! It’s very hot and humid here in Texas. I’ve been to Colorado several times. It’s one of my top five favorite states. :wink: My husband and I always talk about buying land there someday. Hope you’re enjoying it there too!

#1 @ReadWithMelissa 's card. It’s nice to hear there’s another wife out there with a traveling husband! I’m not a Swifty, but I made some fun Taylor Swift postcards not too long ago. I appreciate her music even though I’m not a die-hard. :wink:

#18 @Hazygirl Thanks for the card! I love the little unicorn sticker too. Mammoth Caves is a lot of fun! I went when I was a teenager. I don’t have any plans for the summer, but I’m going to Europe in September, so I’m saving up this summer to splurge when I’m over there. :wink:

#13 @Sunhilde We’re in San Antonio/Austin Texas this week visiting family. We like traveling, but it can get tiring. If you ever get a chance, it’s totally worth it, but it’s always nice to have a home base to go home to. Thanks for the postcard!

#9 @southernwonder We’ve been to MS, LA, AR, and TX all within the last three weeks. It got a little exhausting, but we got to see so many places and pick up lots of postcards. lol. I’ve always wanted to do a train ride across Colorado. I had a friend do one from southern California to Chicago. She had a blast. I hope you get to do it too! Thanks for the card!


#1 @readwithmelissa – I love this karma is a cat card!! I am totally a Swiftie and it also makes up about 85% of my personality too especially on days she has a live show (like today!)

#2 @dearsabrina – thank you for the sticker you glued to the card! I was able to peel it off and use it!! I also love the card and the washi tape you used. I have the same set so that was fun to see.

#5 @anggenie – Angie your watercolor postcard is fabulous! I am so happy to have it. Thank you :blush:

#8 @jenz88 – I don’t know how you or your hair survive the Texas humidity. I bet you know a ton of good up do hair styles!! I love the homemade photography card you sent. Are cowpen daisy and bluebonnet native to Texas?

#10 @pixxi88 – I love your handmade collage postcard! Very vintage looking. If I ever visit Texas I will make sure to keep Spring on the top of my to see list! Especially for those cardboard cutouts you mentioned lol.

#11 @risabell96 – I loved your shark card! I love knowing little fun facts that I can share with others so your card just taught me a new one. Hope your Spring gets a bit less hectic for you!

#13 @sunhilde – I love the MNJohn card that you sent! I have ordered some really cute cards from her in the past. I’m sorry to hear about your canceer treatments but I hope you’re able to get back into all of your hobbies soon. Photography is strangely physical which you wouldn’t initially think.

#15 @jobo27 – Thank you for the pride postcard Joan!! I love it. Please pass along some pets to Yoshi and Riley for me :blush:

#17 @hjbcats – I love the cutie cat card and all the stickers you put on it!! I’m happy school is almost out for my son as well. Only 5 days left until “summer”!!! Hope you get to travel this Summer.

#18 @hazygirl – Is this one of your cats on the front of the card you sent??? Regardless, it’s adorable. I love the washi tape you used and your turtle username stamp. So creative!!

#19 @jordynb – Greetings from Louisville!! Where in OH did you move from? I am not a Louisville native, I actually moved here from Ohio about 2 ½ years ago!! What a coincidence. I hope you enjoy your friends trip and eat lots of good food in Louisville!

#20 @sharontup- did you handmake your card? It looks like it and I LOVE it. I also hope it warms up for you so you’re able to plant your vegetable garden. I have some planter boxes in my backyard but not quite a green thumb.

#25 @sarahgrab1 – Hi Sarah! Happy May to you as well. I really enjoyed your cute cat and mouse postcard. I don’t have a ton of big summer plans yet but I do plan to see an artist I really like perform live at Louisville Pride in June. Looking forward to it!


All May cards have been sent :airplane: :love_letter::mailbox:


#24 reporting for May

#13 @Sunhilde Thank you for the wonderful Sasquatch card. I know how scary it is with adult autistic children, I hope things work out with your son. My kids did virtual school, my daughter who is autistic did so well! My son did not, he could not stay on track by himself and needed for authority. I hope it works out for your kiddo!
#2 @DearSabrina I LOVE Dirty Dancing too! Ever since I was a kid it has been my favorite. You just can’t get better than Patrick Swayze.
#18 @Hazygirl My summer plans involve moving to a new town! It’s just the next town over but we finally found a house and we move July 1st. So much to do before then!
#19 @jordynb What a funny card! My son Graduates from high school next weekend so we are going through all the prep work for that. Hopefully it will be more fun than overwhelming!
#6 @sarabb thank you for the awesome local art card. Super fun!!


All MAY cards sent! :heart::heart:


#25 update for May:

I received from:

#5 @anggenie - a beautiful Nantucket card from Max and Oscar. I have never been there! Maybe one day! We haven’t had much of a spring here. I think we went straight to Summer!

#6 @sarabb - a Cuyahoga valley card. Great waterfall! I have never heard of that national park. I will have to see where it is next time we travel through that area.

#8 @jenz88 - a lovely unicorn. I love that you were able to take a swamp tour on your trip! I have always wanted to do one! The heat here in TN is already miserable.

#11 @risabell96 - a cute shark “did you know” card. We don’t have any exciting plans yet for summer. I’d like to take a trip somewhere but life keeps getting in the way,

#13 @Sunhilde - a cool photo card of a flower. It’s awesome you took this! Love the movement technique you described. It’s amazing the things a camera can capture.

#15 @JoBo27 - a cool friends card, love it! I love Anne of Green Gables too. There are a lot of great life lessons and quotes from the books and show!

#19 @jordynb - a lovely bear card! I love bears! We are now starting to get them in our area of Middle Tennessee. They are starting to leave the mountains.

I have received: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20,
To receive: 1, 7, 12, 14, 16, 21, 22, 23 and 24.


#1 Reporting one heck of a happy mail day!


:love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter:

#8 @jenz88 - Jen sends a cute circus card! Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Kangaroos…oh my! :hushed: The message side is decorated so cute, too! I love it! Next week is the last week of school and yes we are ready for summer break! Stay cool in that Texas heat!

#9 @southernwonder - Jessica, I LOVE this card! Like I want to live in it! I’m so glad you’re with us this month and enjoying it so much! You’d be hard pressed to find a better group of gals!

#11 @risabell96 - Marisa shares a fun humpback whale fact! I wish my kids could take a page from their book and use teamwork to find/make food…lol. They act like food can only be created by the mama!
#13 @Sunhilde - Ada sends a sweet hot air balloon! I always tell people my yearly book count isn’t a flex…it’s a cry for help :joy: Trust me, chasing toddlers is much harder in your 40’s! She is also my little rebel rouser, a force to be reckoned with! But, she also brings immense amounts of love and joy!

#19 @jordynb - Jordyn finding a full set of 100 cards is AWESOMESAUCE! Funny thinking how many of the celebs on the cover didn’t age well amidst cancel culture.

#21 @carried_away - My sweet friend always sending a little piece of Colorado that I have to peel from Chris’ hands…haha! I look forward to camping, too! Just need it to be in the camper at a full hook up site! :wink:


Hey everyone! Happy Mid-May! I’m reporting a stack of cards so here goes.

#1 @ReadWithMelissa - love the TSwift Mastermind card! I too am fully of obsessed with Queen Taylor. Thank you!
#2 @DearSabrina - sends a cute Lego card. Thank you! A subscription to Audible is an awesome Mom’s Day gift. We went to Louisiana to visit my mom. First time we have all been together since Christmas and the first Mother’s Day in several years so it was really nice.
#3 @MsKoby - sends a powerful Women’s Rights card. Thank you! So timely considering everything that is happening right now. I love that you have some baby chicks! Please share a pic or two - I’d love to see them!
#4 @mediumfunnysam - sends a cool Neptune card. Thanks! Love the blue! Welcome to the RR How are liking it so far? I really like it. It’s been a lot of fun and the group is filled with amazing women!
#5 @anggenie – sends a cute Montery/Carmel card. Thank you! I’ve always wanted to visit that part of California. I better start soon. Lol Cooking out on the patio with wine on a warm night sounds amazing! Enjoy!
#6 @sarabb – sends a beautiful vintagey card. I love the blue bird in the corner. Thanks! That’s so exciting that you have a nest! We have one nearby, but I can’t find it. I have two angry mockingbirds that dive bomb my dogs when they go outside and sit on the patio chairs and squawk at their reflections trying to scare us away. Hope your baby birds do well!
#9 @southernwonder - sends a cute (and blue!) kitty card! Thank you and welcome to the RR! I hope you’re enjoying it. It’s a great group! Don’t Know Tough sounds interesting and how cool that the author came to your bookclub meeting. Let me know your final review!
#10 @pixxi88 sends a very cool vintage NYC card! Love it - thanks! And welcome to you too! Humble is fairly close. I absolutely LOVED in NYC! I would move there tomorrow if I could. #13 @Sunhilde - sends a nice Timberline Lodge National Forest card. You nailed the blue! Thanks! I haven’t heard of My City. My husband probably has. I’m not so hot at spatial things either so I probably wouldn’t like it either. lol
#15 @JoBo27 - sends a Joshua Tree parks card. Love the colors - thank you! I’ve only been to a few parks myself. I need to travel more too!
#17 @hjbcats - sends an adorable doggy card - thank you! I love that you’re loving life! That’s an amazing feeling! Keep rocking!
#18 @Hazygirl - sends an awesome Statue of Liberty card. Thank you! I saw her when we went to NYC and she is indeed impressive!
#19 @jordynb - sends a funny the Onion card - thanks! What a cool set of cards! Enjoy your Louisville trip!
#25 @sarahgrab1 - sends an awesome Taylor Swift card! Thanks so much I love love love it! I saw her in concert in 2015 but I would LOVE to see her again. Right now I’m settling for the movie and TikTok Lives. lol


@ReadWithMelissa @LLAcademy Hey ladies! :heart_eyes:

Sent all May cards today
Received 1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10,15,17,18,19,25
Waiting on 7,8,11,13,14,16,17,20,21,22,23,24



I’m going to use my buddy @AllAboutTheBooks as an example!! What she did in her post above is so helpful!

If you have time we would greatly appreciate an update like this from everyone! If you could do it for April & May that would be STELLAR!!!

It helps us to double check and clean up the little things we may have missed. For example: I have personally received cards from @risabell96 & @Sharontup, but I don’t see a sent card post from either of you. I tried to double check, but I still could’ve missed it. I just want to confirm!

Also, a friendly reminder to post your number as well as the screenname and number of the person you received from!

Thank you, gals!


#18 hazygirl reporting

#15 @JoBo27 send an excellent Alice in Wonderland card. I’ve never seen this one before it’s great
#19 @jordynb Sent Anderson design group Florida Manatee. This is such a great company with excellent cards
#24 @kat4544 Sent a card for my April challenge. We’ve been having lots of May rain too.

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#23 Reporting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

SENT: ALL :heavy_check_mark: / To receive: 2, 13

(#7) @PrincessFlamingo
Thanks for the beautiful landscape vintage card! We looked up where the Athabaska Glacier is and it was interesting to compare this vintage photo with the more recent ones. I can’t ever seem to find post cards at local thrift stores, so your haul sounds amazing! Good luck on 12th Night, so fun!!

(#16) @TheMailmansWife
Love this is horse stable art work card! We’ve been so busy lately, it’s always something haha We have been taking a little school break (whenever it’s not raining or full of mosquitos) to get in the all the field trips and park time before it’s too hot and crowded to do anything with public school out. Love this card & sweet message so much friend! Thank you! :hugs:

SENT: ALL :heavy_check_mark:
To receive: 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24

I’ve been working on the rest of the cards all day and kids have been having fun taking turns running them out to the mailbox “ANOTHER one!?!” haha So most were mailed today but for sure the rest sitting in the box will be collected tomorrow on the 18th :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(#1) @ReadWithMelissa #1 and second to NONE!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I don’t even know where to begin with this envelope of awesomeness. I’m spoiled for sure. This has been a weird month, so many ups and downs, and your timing is always so impeccable for a great pick me up when I need it most <3 Love ya friend!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(#2) @DearSabrina Haha we love this lego cards! We LOVE sushi, and thankfully for us (but not our pocketbook) there are some decent options right there at our local grocery store, HEB. Now to your question, right now my favorite homecooked meal is a green lentil sausage gumbo inspired soup that I started making this year, we can’t seem to get enough of it. Well, the oldest in the family at least, so it’s a great dinner for us while the little eat up other leftovers and then we’ve got our lunch for the week. Comfort wise though, I think roast beef, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes…that or a good lasagna. Your options sound great though too! Lately I’ve been buying the full pork loin, make chops for dinner and put the ends in a crockpot for pulled pork the next night. Love the washi tape! Thanks again!

(#3) @MsKoby You are too good to me!! Love the book marks and everything!! Wish we could be your neighbor with all the baby animals afoot :baby_chick: We don’t have a basement, but if needed we’d keep any critter in trouble safe and comfy. I’d have to sweet talk hubby, but usually he goes for it. No pets right now, but maybe once we get things a little more settled this summer we can get rabbits again or start our first chicken coop! Thanks so much for your sweet note (did you draw that? #impressed!).

(#4) @mediumfunnysam Welcome to your first RR!! Thanks for the beautiful Niagara Falls card! I’d love to go there someday! My daughter loves that you chose not just any card, but “Horsehoe falls”! Looking forwarding to getting to know you better in the months ahead. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(#6) @sarabb Wow this is such a cool place, thank you so much for putting it on our radar! We"ve noticed several restoration projects around here too. We love history and architecture, so this would be an amazing place to visit. Perfect card! Thank you so much! :smiling_face:

(#9) @southernwonder Haha this is the most perfect card! My 9 year old has been begging for a typewriter! Then of course at the play-date we had after receiving your card that kiddo had one, so yeah, I had better get to hunting on ebay haha Thanks so much for the recommendation for Crater of Diamonds! We were talking about it on the drive home thinking that might be why the state flag has a large diamond? Love your decor and so happy you are here in this group! Thanks again :smiling_face: :pray:

(#10) @pixxi88 Welcome to the RR! Thank you for this fun LA card! We were totally looking into doing a quick trip to NOLA for the summer and check out the the WW2 museum. Beignets are totally on the to try list, so I’m super thankful for your recommendations! Between the architecture and music I’m sure it’ll be a hit. Love the humming bird stamp too! Welcome to the group :smiling_face:

(#18) @Hazygirl You know we love art and horses, so horse art is a winner! l So glad you liked the treat! I haven’t got to see my sister for over a year, she hasn’t even met my youngest. She has been working so hard out of state in her nursing degree, and then had to really hit the ground job hunting right away. Now that her schedule has freed up a bit and we have tested the closer road trips, one way or another we want to get together this summer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sweet card!

(#20) @Sharontup Oh wow, everyone loved this card, even my mother! (She was down for a belated mother’s day celebration) She loves mater so much and of course all the kiddos connected to it! Meet-Up wise, no I haven’t been to one yet (hard to wrangle all the kiddos) but we did venture out to a stamp show and the kids won some fun door prizes. That was last year when we first joined PC, so maybe this summer when I have my husband to help me keep everyone accounted for. Thanks again for the great card!

(#25) @sarahgrab1 How darling is this little piggy?! Too cute, love it!! For some reason he seems more Brittish than Oregon haha Looks like a super fun set. Summer plans are mostly to get this house in order, maybe a mini weekend trip somewhere, and then after 4th of July BBQ/family reunion we’ll start the new school year. I like to get going when it’s summer hot so by the time the weather is comfortable outside in Oct/Nov we will be “ahead” by a month or so and can really enjoy all the fun fall field trips and beautiful days in nature. Speaking of which, love the manatee stamp! Thank you!


Omg that pig! :heart::heart::heart:


A couple more cards #17 reporting

Received #24 @kat4544 a cute deer card!
Received #18 @Hazygirl for a lovely cat card :slight_smile: