Number of posts in Forum topics inaccuracy

I keep seeing that the indicator for the number of posts in a topic seems to be inaccurate such that, as you scroll through, it shows you viewing a higher number of posts than the indicated total. The screenshot below shows 112/106, but if it’s a topic with thousands of posts it will sometimes be hundreds more than the total (typically I’ll be reading through a topic thinking I’m about to get to the end, and then find out there are actually an indeterminate number of posts left). Usually when I get right to the last post, it corrects itself and both numbers become the same. Is this a bug? :bug:


Seems like a bug

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I have noticed this too and when it happens, it usually shows the total of previously read thread. For example If I go from a thread of 2568 posts to a thread of 134 posts, the counter shows at first 2568/134. Then going to the next thread it might show 134/1077. It does correct itself after a while and it doesn’t always do this.

I assumed that this was connected to the previous reported bug about how the thread jumps backwards 20 posts as the counter often shows at first the same count e.g. 1077/1077, even if it actually jumped to 1057/1077.

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