Not receiving "Hurray" mails

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A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I wasn’t receiving “Hurray” messages for some of my postcards that had arrived. Only some – for others I did receive them. I thought maybe my mailbox was full, so I emptied it and forgot about it. Today I noticed the same thing again. I emptied my mailbox again, checked the spam folder and everything else that could have caused this, but I can’t seem to find the problem. I also receive all of the other mails Postcrossing sends like addresses or monthly stats. The steps my mail provider lists for cases like this also aren’t of any help.
Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know how it could be fixed?

Thank you!

I know there is/was a problem with hotmail not receiving hurrah mails. I switched to another mail address (gmail in my case) and it works fine again. Maybe try that?

I have sent a message to @laalee with something that may apply to her particular case/account.

For anyone finding this later, a good place to troubleshoot email problems is this entry of the FAQ. Most common email issues are solved by one of those tips.

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Thank you @paulo! I thought that wasn’t the issue, but I guess I could have figured that out :sweat_smile: