Not being able to send postcards

Hi everyone, i just found out i cannot send any more postcards because apparently there are too many i didnt register. Did anyone have a problem like that and how to solve it? I myself send over 60 cards and at least 5-7 are already exipered, so i guess they are lost, post office doesnt seem to be reliable at all. Postcrossing changed my life for good i cant imagine my life without sending postcards now :frowning: I understand why postcrossing does that, but its not my fault cards dont reach me…

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You might try exploring the Forum where there are many alternative ways to share and exchange cards - lotteries, tags, round robins and so on. Some people don’t even use the official Postcrossing and only use the Forum


Yrs maybe try the Forum and allow your cards some mote time
You could also reach out to an administrator asking them to check if your cards have gone to inactive profiles etc

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Definitely log a help request - something looks wrong on your stats.
Some screens look ok ie sent 62 but others eg. Wall has 30 - may be a glitch ?

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The message you received was sent automatically by the system.
You should now contact support and ask what you need to do to have your account reactivated.
In the meantime, you can take part in games here in the forum, but only very moderately. Because if there really are problems with your mail delivery, it could be that not all of these forum cards arrive and then you could also be blocked here.

So please contact the support team first.

And please read this:

This is not an error - the wall only shows the number of cards of which a picture has been uploaded.


In that case rhe cards sent and received almost match - no obvious issue. Definitely contact support.

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I had the same issue because someone was stealing from my postbox!!! I remember that Postcrossing gave me some suggestions and lifted the ban. I eventually changed my address to a friend’s, and all was fine afterwards. Maybe you can consider changing your address to a family member’s, friend’s, or your work address, or renting a postbox at the post office?

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