Not able to upload photos

For about a week now, on the main Postcrossing site, I have not been able to upload a photo (for a card sent OR received) I am able to choose a file but when I click the blue Upload button absolutely nothing happens. I’ve always found the Upload button a little slow to respond but now nothing happens. It’s like it’s not even being clicked. Is anyone else having an issue? I like to add a photo of cards as I mail them as a kind of receipt for myself.

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I’ve tested it right now with Firefox and Chrome and it works perfectly.

What browser do you use normally and did you try to do it with another browser?

I’ve only ever used Internet Explorer on my phobe. I can try another one today, and see, thank you.

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I think Internet Explorer has been retired. You can try Microsoft Edge, or as Billie noted, Firefox and Chrome.


Which smartphone are you using: iPhone or Android? If the later one, can you try installing a different web browser to see if you get the same problem?