[NOT A BUG] Trip map for a postcard is incorrect

I was just assigned a recipient (huzzah!), but when I glanced over at the map of the route my postcard will take, it started in the right place (my house), but while the recipient lives in Michigan, the map shows the postcard going to Long Island, NY. It’s not a really important thing, obviously, but it struck me as weird.

Note that I checked the ZIP code of the recipient in case there was an error in their address confusing the mapping app, but the ZIP code on the address is appropriate for the city and state of their address.

Good luck!

The addressee can change that in his settings.

I guess the receiver has picked Long Island, NY, as their nearest city. Maybe they’ve moved and forgot to change that when they changed the address? Or maybe they did choose Long Island on purpose?

If you look at their profile instead of the postcard page; does the map show Long Island or a place in Michigan?


Aha, many thanks – I hadn’t noticed that there were separate country/city items on my own profile, and incorrectly assumed that the map was based on the Postal address contents.

I am now less ignorant than I was, which is always a good thing. :grin:


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