[NOT A BUG] Time displayed mixes AM / PM

I’ve just noticed that the displayed time sometimes mixes AM and PM.

Here it says it’s 10:56 AM but it should be PM (CEST time in the lower right corner as reference)

19:56 is in Iran time not 10:56 pm, but 10:26 pm :thinking:
Could it be that ipuenktchen has choosen the wrong time zone in her profile?

I had found another profile (from Texas, US) but when I wanted to take the screenshot the time went from :59 to :00 which corrected this error.

I believe the issue here is with @ipuenktchen’s choice of timezone — perhaps it defaulted to the wrong one and she hasn’t changed it.

hi, friends!


in my laptop I have always the wrong time zone and got tired,
because the laptop insists for this time… hehe…
and otherwise in my profile is also a wrong living place, coz
we are in NW of IR, in province East-azerbaijan, Tabriz!!!
I have so many probs, not only with the forum, but with everything,
so for me it’s really so unimportant, sorry, will not be rude, only get tired off…!!!

I think it’s not a fake that we will in a very near future only be able to use an
innercountry i.net, and bye bye postcrossing…
not only this, again an unimportant matter, sorry, coz my family is over three
continents and I cannot stop crying when this happens…
my elder son in australia, my elder granddaughter in DE, my sis in DE…

so pls don’t worry about my wrong time-zone… :woozy_face: :see_no_evil: :grimacing:

Your example was just one I stumbled over in like 10 minutes.

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it’s not a mistake of AM and PM, coz as bille mentioned here
it’s a difference of 12 hrs + 30 min!!!

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I can manually update your forum account timezone, however, if you also have the timezone on the computer wrong, that would make times go completely weird for you. So it might be best to keep the forum account matching your computer timezone so that the times at least for you make more sense.

You can easily change this! Just go to the edit address and change to Tabriz (instead of Bardpāreh). Let me know if you hit any problems doing this bit as I can manually change it for you.

I’m so sorry to hear this (not for Postcrossing, but for you). I hope it doesn’t come to that. :slightly_frowning_face:

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