[NOT A BUG] Sent Country shows also Usernames which are "*countryname*"

Okay, first I will show what I mean:
I go to “stats” - all countries with “Sent” and “Received” postcards show up with the numbers and then you can click on the number and all “Sent” of the country show up for you, or “Received”. But this is not true, if I click on my “11” for “Sent” postcards to China, 13 sent postcards show up, the 11 from the country and two additional, where the Username is something like * china *. I assume this is not the intention. The datebase should only be asked for the country field to include “china” and not other fields like the username.

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The search column was not designed to search for country only. It was designed for generic searching. You can also search for username or date.

Different members, different needs. I don’t think it can be applied unless postcrossing makes 3 different search columns or applying drop down list where you can pick the criteria you want to search.

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You will be redirected from the stats to the normal search - i.e. the result will also show usernames that contain “China” - just as it is when you search for something directly.
As long as your stats only show the 11 cards, everything is fine and is probably no bug.

As @yudi and @Bille mentioned, the link on the stats page is only a custom search to your postcards using the country name. Indeed, if someone’s username is a country name, they will show too.

There’s no custom search for specific columns I’m afraid — the search string will match anything in the table (which is what makes it simple to use), so the only way to prevent this would be drop the link with the custom search from the stats page, but I think it’s more useful as is, even with these special (but rare) cases.

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