[NOT A BUG] Remove-Button in Private Message is missing

I just wanted to remove myself from private messages which I do not need any longer.

There I stumbled across a message where my partner has already removed themself and I am the only one remaining in the message.

Well, and now, where the button normally says “add or remove”, there’s only “add”.

How can I remove myself in that case from the message?

It’s the same both on desktop pc (Windows 11 latest version, Chrome Browser latest version) and Smartphone (Xiaomi 11 T Pro, all up-to-date, both Postcrossing Widget and Smartphone Browser) - also with logging out and in again, refreshing ect.

Would be great if there’s a solution, thanks in advance.

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Thanks for refering to the existing topic. I will look there for a solutuion.

Nevertheless, as I’ve written before: I know that there normally ist that button - but in that one message it isn’t :wink:


To make it clear…

Normally it is like this:

But in that one mentioned message it’s this:

Screenshot 2023-05-01 195300

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I stumbled across the same problem, and came here to know if there’s any solution for it :puzzled:
Did you find out anything @Angelthecat? Thanks


Unfortunately not so far.

Yesterday I looked again at that one message, but still I can only add others but not remove myself.


This is happening to me as well, only in one of many message threads. I also couldn’t find the solution among existing topics.


I wonder, if you “add” someone else, can you then “remove” yourself?

As long as nothing in the message is private (because I guess I would then be able to see the whole thing) you are welcome to try “adding” me, just to test that out.

Well, in the old forum you just could delete a message. It is more than annoying that it is not possible anymore.

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Dear @Tara_Bell,

I have sent a p.m., please try “the test”. :wink:

add or remove button

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Thanks. I just tried and it worked, though I’m not sure whether that actually answers the question about the problem others are experiencing, with threads where the “remove” option has gone missing altogether.


The pm/message has not disappeared from the forum.
You have removed yourself regarding the pm but the pm remains.
If you have written something that is important, it is recommendable not to remove yourself from the conversation.
After all, others can still write comments regarding the message. :slight_smile:

Yes you can (remove yourself after add someone else). But then the other person is stuck in that message! :woozy_face:


Hi, did this just get fixed, or am I the lucky lemon?

My conversation partner ran away, but system took their place - so the Add or remove button is active. I was able to leave the message.

Just for fun, I was able to kick system out too (sorry, system, you know it wasn’t personal) and it worked.

So just in case you’re still facing this issue - would it work for you to invite system (yes, that works, I tried it too), then remove yourself?


Great - it worked.
Or better: I could remove myself from the message but not system. It seems it took my place now :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_peeking_eye:


I have the same problem and I wasn’t able to invite system.
It’s really annoying as I always delete messages when the private swap is completed and always think that something is incomplete with this swap :see_no_evil:

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Yes, it seems that “system” is now blocked for invitations. :upside_down_face:

I experienced the same problem today.
I would like an admin to look into that problem.


two times again… really annoying…
any comment from our dear government?


I investigated this a bit and eventually forgot about it — sorry about that.

Short answer: as far as I know, if one is last person left in the conversation, there’s no way to strictly remove oneself from it.

There’s two workarounds:

  • Use the Archive button. That will send the conversation into the PMs Archive which, for tidying up purposes, should be enough since it won’t show on the Inbox anymore.
  • Flag the first message, select ‘Something else’ and request that the message topic is removed by the forum team. Note that flagged messages may be read by the forum team since flagging is primarily to report issues.

To be clear, I discourage the later option: if everyone starts doing this, moderators (of which there are only a few) will be spending their time deleting messages. Hence, archive is the better workaround for the moment.

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Most of the time it works to remove myself from the conversation if I’m the last one - but maybe it is not meant to work, so this could be an answer.

I totally understand this and I won’t do this.

I just started to remove myself quickly from old conversations I no longer need before it happens again - of course the archive is an option but - it may sound arkward - if I have too many unneeded conversations somewhere, even I don’t see them, it confuses me :sweat_smile: (it’s the same with useless files on my computer or with useless things in the house…it “overwhelms” me :face_with_peeking_eye:).

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