[NOT A BUG] Registration refused -- 'Alread registered' untrue

In the last week or so, when I register a card my message is refused. The error message says ‘Already registered’. This has been happening consistently for the last week or so, just occasionally letting my registration message through. While I could just conceive that a double registration from me could (once or twice tops) have happened, in the other dozen or so times the error message is definitely incorrect. What can be done about this?

First of all, sometimes people send a second postcard when the first one has travelled for a long time. So there’s a chance you’ve received a second postcard with the same ID. You can check that by going to Postcards > Received on the main page and write the ID in the search field. If the ID shows up in your list when you seach for it there, it means that you’ve already received a postcard with that ID.

And sometimes a postcard travels for more than 365 days and falls of the list. It can’t be registered then. But on top of the page, there will be a message saying so, which would also tell you who sent the postcard.

But if those things don’t solve the problem, I recommend going to Help > Contact on the main site. There you can tell the ID of the postcard you try to register. Maybe the sender wrote the wrong ID? Or maybe there’s another reason why you encounter this, which might would be easier to investigate if the team has the ID?

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Many thanks for these suggestions. As this problem has occurred now on ten or so occasions for ten different cards, I have to assume that your suggestions could only account for 1 or 2 cases. If the problem continues, I will keep a full record of date, time and card number. I hope that will shed some light on the matter.

Have you moved lately? In this case perhaps you chose the option, that Postcrossing registers the cards being on their way to you.


Hi Ralf,
Yes, that must be it. I have just moved a week ago. I changed my address recorded with Postcrossing about a week before that. So, I presume everything will work through the system before long, and go back to normal. Well done for spotting this. Thank you so much.


So you will find the IDs in your send list and there is also a link to the profiles of the senders. And on each sender’s profile page there is a “send message” button. So you can send a thank you this way, if you like.