[NOT A BUG] Register a postcard page

Hi all!
I just want to know if it’s a bug, new interface or is it just something wrong with my phone.

I registered now from my phone a couple of cards and the cell for the country’s code didn’t work as usual. Before it opened a page with all codes and I could scroll it easily choosing the one I need. And now there was a button for opening the list of codes but the only thing I could do is to write the code myself.

Later I noticed the list with codes over the keyboard but it’s less convenient than before. It’s easier to scroll the list from top to bottom than from left to write.

Is it a new Postcrossing mobile interface or something another? It hasn’t happened before. It’s just a question, I don’t complain, I can get used to it, just wondering.
Thanks a lot for reading it!

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It’s a new feature, because entering the letters yourself is much faster than scrolling that endless list. It’s the same on desktop PC, so not mobile exclusive.


Thanks for the answer!
I remember it worked like that on desktop PC. Glad to know that it’s a new feature, not a bug :slight_smile:

You could always enter the letters yourself, I have never used the drop-down menu. But now you HAVE to enter the letters with your keyboard and to be honest, I’m not sure I can see the advantage of limiting the options.


I know that this is true on a desktop PC, but not sure if it was the same for mobile. I think I’ve read that you need to use the scroll down? I never register on mobile, so I’m not sure about it.

I have a drop-down menu for my requests in Postcrossing search, in online dictionaries or something else like that. Because of it I decided that something wrong happened to the registration page.
Sometimes it’s easier to enter the letters yourself, sometimes not.

It wasn’t the same for mobile. Before I needed to use scroll down.

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This is a recent change to facilitate the input of the country code since scrolling through 200+ long dropdown can be tedious to some — this is particularly true in mobile.

In many devices, it will still offer possible suggestions to fill — how this appears will depend on browser and device. For example, on the screenshot of the first post

the suggestions are right above the keyboard (“AD”, “AE”, …). Typing the first letter should trim the suggestions to the only possible combinations.

So, for most people (depending on browser/device), it’s now possible to type the country code, but still get suggestions too. For example, on Google Chrome on a desktop, the autosuggest looks almost like a classic dropdown:

This was to address a long requested feature by many but for which we didn’t have a good way to implement it until recently. Now that most browsers support this autosuggest natively, we managed to implement it. The register a postcard should still work with old browsers or even with Javascript disabled (although I wouldn’t recommend that!).


I’m very grateful for your answer!

That will really facilitate the input of the country codes :slight_smile: I just was confused seeing the button ▼for opening that huge and long for scrolling countries list but not getting any reaction when I tried to click it (I noticed codes over my keyboard later, when I was registered another card). I understood how it works, thanks :sweat_smile:

It’s really great that this function was finally implemented. Congratulations :slight_smile: And thanks again for answer. I think we can close this topic :slight_smile:

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