[NOT A BUG] Reader Badge not being granted

I’m a long-time postcrosser but only recently active in the forums. I began to notice I was granted badges, which is awesome. I started reading more into the badges, their meanings, and what one does to receive them (for instance, you can achieve a Bug badge for reporting bugs!)

The “Reader” badge doesn’t seem to be working as others, or at least not for me. Per the badge description " This badge is granted the first time you read a long topic with more than 100 replies" which I’ve undoubtedly done (I’ve been reading a lot lately, and one of my recent posts received over 100 replies.

Please look into this as a potential :beetle: - it may be impacting other users beyond just me. Thank you kindly in advance!

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This one works a little trickily… the software checks once a day to see if anyone has qualified for this badge. But you need to have read every post in a thread. So if someone else has posted a response inbetween you looking through a thread and the software doing its check, it will not count you.

There was some discussion about this in the early days of the forum, will see if I can find it.


See here:

It might also be a problem if you skim too quickly and the software doesn’t register that you read a post.

Best way to get it, find an old thread that is not being updated, make sure you read it slowly…


Thank you for digging and explaining this one (and educating me on how it works). I’ll just use the search feature more and read deeper into topics I’m interested in, since going to an old post and slowly scrolling just to get a badge seems to defeat the purpose.

Again, thank you kindly for taking the time to educate me!


No worries, I remembered it being discussed when the forum was new.

As you say, it will happen organically at some point anyway.


@kissthebeehive I have had the same thing with the edit and the mentioning one just assumed that some the bot doesn’t look at everyday but weekly or monthly.
Edited randomly it has decided this post is an OK one to do the badges on.

I tried to find an old thread and read it slowly and also tried some browsers to get ‘Reader’ badge:

  • Librewolf (with ad and tracking blocker extensions),
  • Firefox (Enhanced Tracking Protection in strict mode, without any extensions),
  • Chrome/Chromium (without any extensions and default settings).

I got my ‘Reader’ badge when using Chrome/Chromium without any ad/tracking blocker extensions and using default settings. I think the best way to get the ‘Reader’ badge is read the thread slowly and using browser with default settings and disable your ad/tracking blocker extensions/DNS. I hope this helps.