[NOT A BUG] Postcrossing main page - Favourites (Country with most favorite postcards not correct)

Good day Postcrossing-Team,

I found out some days ago that my favourites on the main page aren’t correct.

If I click on the drop down menu From: to select the countries, Germany (5) shown up under < All countries >.
But the country with the most favourite postcards is Japan (101) and the countries name stands for a long time on the place where currently my own country name is.

I also figured out by checking other Postcrossing-Members Favourite, that they have the same problem.
Germany was never the 1st country in my favourite list which appeared. It was always Japan. Every time I’am logged in, I also go to my favourites and saw Japan at 1st place, not Germany.
This problem I have now never appeared in my 11 years.

2nd EDIT

Favourite Wall

This is your favorite wall from my view

And this is my own favorite wall

The favorite wall (also sent, received and popular) will show your own country first.
In the case of my own favorite wall, I dont favorite cards from my country.


It shows always first your own country (for me it shows Finland, even in your favourites drop down menu).

And the countries are in alphabetical order, not by most amount favourited.

Did you mean this?


@linos203 @yudi @S_Tuulia

What I wrote in my 1st post is the problem. Nothing else.
The Country with the most favourite of its, was always the first country shown up. It was never Germany.

It’s nice that you people think I could made a mistake, but it’s not. (And I think I should re-edit this info, before other people also think the same)

I often check my favourites when I’m logged in and when the country with the most postcards I have in my favourite is replaced with another country with lesser favourites from, than something must be wrong. Because this never happend before.

Maybe you can attach a screenshot?

It’s been like this for me for long.
Sometimes when I joined, I think member’s current country wasn’t first.
Then it was suggested (so it’s easier to look what are favourited from my country, if I were to send to you for example), and made like this.

I too have had always my own country listed first.

I can’t. I don’t own a mobile phone and can’t do a screenshot by using my keyboard, because when I have open the drop down menu and take a screenshot, the drop down menu (with my country on top) vanish. (Also snipping tool doesn’t work for the same reason)

Normally I always do screenshots, but with drop down menus which vanish, it’s imposisble.
When I have the chance to lend the digital camera of my sister, I can do a screenshot and show how it’s looking for me.
But sadly I can’t show how it looked before. >o<

It works via the “print” key on the keyboard:


Interesting! For me, my favourite wall’s (and others’ too) drop down menu have always been in alphabetical order and Finland being on top as it is my homecountry.
When I have used travel mode there has been Finland first and the country where I was travelling after it.


It’s always your own country (and I can’t remember that it was ever different) and then sorted alphabetically. It was never sorted by the number of favourite cards.


I remember when I used to look at the receivers favourite, and typed “F”, to get quicker to the Finnish cards. I even imagine remembering :slight_smile: the discussion/suggestion to put own country first, because some told it’s not necessary since you can with one letter get to your country, but it was not so quick/easy to all. And then it came anyway, but I think it took some time for me to notice it. But can of course be some other thing that I confuse it with (but now I try to think what).

But yes, during my Postcrossing, I think it was always alphabetically.

So @bryyo when was the last time you had it not-alphabetically organised?


We explicitly sort that country dropdown by the country name and always add the person’s own country to the top. It was never by number of favourites and that code hasn’t been changed for many years.

The only explanation I can see for that is that something in your browser may be messing around with order of items in drop-downs, which is odd, but that’s where we are at.

I can’t see how translation addon/plugin/extension may do this, but it’s a recurrent culprit for this oddities: once we had to figure out why someone was unable to register a postcard from Belgium: their translation software was translating the “BE” of the country code part of the Postcard ID into “ÊTRE” — that took us a while to untangle. :sweat_smile:


This button never worked, otherwise I had use it. ;o;

My favourite wall was always alphabetically organised. Never saw it non-alphabetically.

Thank You for Your reply and explaining.
I never use any add-on, plugin or something like that. But I remember from an older Firefox version (10+ years ago), that I was having trouble with some websites and that suddenly things around the website vanished. And mostly me and very few others where the only persons with the same problem.
So it seems that I’m the only person with this problem. When it’s a web browser based problem (I think so), okay. I can work with it. It’s just odd when something changes after such a long time.
Again, thank You very much for the explanations.

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