[NOT A BUG] Postcard travel map moved upwards

I’m not sure if this bug appears for others as well, or maybe it’s due to the fact that I’m using an ad blocker.
On the postcard page, the map that shows the travel line of the card, is moved upwards on the site, see this screenshot:

Maybe you want to have a look into it.

I can reproduce the problem in Chrome with ABP (note: I whitelisted PC website to allow the PC team to collect Google Ad revenue, I only enabled it for testing purpose).

In my testing, ABP blocked the entire element instead of the actual ad frame, which breaks the page composition.

A report has been filed to ABP concerning the excessive blocking.


Have you tried using different browsers? :slight_smile:

As mentioned by @SkyHound, this is being caused by the particular ad blocker you are using. We make sure that the layout still works with ad blockers, but some ad blockers do more than just remove the ad and in this case, it’s removing elements from the page necessary for the layout to remain. Maybe try a different ad blocker or consider whitelisting.


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