[NOT A BUG] Not receiving email with requested address

I just requested 4 addresses and I only got 2 emails for the 4 addresses I requested. I can’t find the missing emails in my junk mail folder as well. I am not sure if it is Gmail or the system.

I’d contact Admin about this Contact us

Sometimes they come with a delay. Just wait.

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You can click on the ID number in your account’s Sent (but not registered) list to get the information as well - no need to wait.


It is not “sent” but “traveling”.

I also recommend this to you, but please add a link to this topic so that the admins know that you posted already here.
And in the meantime, you should send a request to Gmail and describe the problem there as well.

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I think you may have been affected by this gmail disruption.

Did you receive the emails later?

Anyway, if you click on any ID among your traveling cards, you will find all the info over there :slight_smile:

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I think that might be it, thank you!! I wasn’t aware of this.

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