[NOT A BUG] Missing notification about unread PM after choosing "defer"

Sometimes I read a PM and then choose “defer” to mark it unread again, to indicate that I have to look at this PM later. Before the update when we got the sidebar, choosing “defer” would give me a circle with the number 1 on my avatar to indicate that I have an unread PM. And when clicking on my avatar, the unread PM would show up in the list.
If I read a PM now, and choose “defer” to mark it unread, the PM icon doesn’t reappear on my avatar, and the PM doesn’t show up in the notifications. (But it shows up as unread in my inbox.)

Truly unread PM:

After reading it and choosing “defer”:

I hope this is a bug that can (and will be fixed), and not an intentional change.

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This has not changed for me. I can mark my messages as unread and the number of messages will be shown as “unread messages”.


I have tested it right now and the notification beneath my avatar shows me 1 unread message.
Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 11-39-56 Missing notification about unread PM after choosing defer

Windows 11, Firefox

Now I actually see the 1 on the envelope myself, and the unread message appear in the notifications… (did also test on my phone earlier today, after I got the replies; the message and number didn’t reappear right away, but when I closed the tab and opened it again, both showed up.) I wonder why it didn’t work at all earlier this week when I selected “defer” on another message?!