[Not a bug] Messages on mobile

Hi! Maybe I don’t have some settings on, but it is impossible to navigate in the messages tab on mobile.

Half of the conversations have the same title as they are from the same tag, and i can only see my own face.

Even when I can see other people’s images, i have absolutely no idea who is this person and what is his nickname.

What’s the solution to this?

Thank you


There is no real solution on mobiles. But here are some workarounds:

  • If the PM is started by yourself, you may edit the title (and maybe add some additional information)
  • You may turn on desktop view to get more information shown, but most likely you’ll need to zoom in then just tried it, doesn’t help on mobiles
  • if you’re searching for a specific PM use the search function within messages
  • use a computer
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Desktop doesn’t help unfortunately

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Thank you :hugs:

is there a place or person to whom we should send such stuff to suggest for the next updates? I consider it a key feature of the forum and it’s a major defect, as it makes using messaging from mobile impossible.


People’s nicknames

User scenario for me in this case:
I received a card from a person XXX. I need to go to our conversation and inform the person that the card is received. But I cannot find this person, because i have no idea how their avatar looks (and in half of them I see mine), all topics are the same, and there is no name.

I ended up saving links and nicknames in a separate google table, but this is a basic feature of the messafing section that for some reason completely disappears on mobile, even using desktop mode.


We have a subforum here. You could get your topic moved over there if you like: Suggestions

@linos203 On PC you see the nicknames of the people involved (at least up to 4). Like this:


Search function will help with this! You can indicate that you only want to search the messages.


Thank you, moved it! Hope it will get fixed one day. :pray:

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For me(Android Phone, Chrome) it doesn’t show user names on mobile, not even when in desktop view.

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I know how it works in general and use it for many different sites, it doesn’t work here for me. Might be the browser. I just checked it as it was one of the options I suggested first hand, personally I hardly ever use my phone to navigate here.

Thank you for the options, and thank you for your time showing it to us! :hugs: I use Chrome on my Android, and unfortunately, after following the same steps, I still don´t get the same result. :pensive:

For now, I have made a list of nicknames and conversation links in GSheet which allows me to avoid navigating in this messenger at all, as finding anything there is a pain. It looks like this

I think I will also start writing the name of the person in the topic when I start it, as suggested by Cassiopheia

I have some experience in the website industry, and, even though I said it was not a bug, it actually kind of is. Showing a nickname is an essential feature of the messaging section, so I believe this has to be fixed. Global mobile traffic now stands at 56.89%, most users take pictures of the cards they receive with their phones, and it is convenient to upload the image straight away. So I really do hope someone will notice this thread, and we will get this update in the near future. :pray:

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