[NOT A BUG] Link in different language

Something weird happened when I sent a link here to other user. It was like this, just different number in the link.

Why does this system uses with this link German language. There were other links in my message and they were seen like Redirecting…This link is not in German and the Facebook profile is not in German and I do not use any apps, browsers or anything in German. Is this a bug?

Does this system do that at all?
Maybe you browsed on the German Facebook site, but set your browser to zranslate it to English or Finnish.
And does it make sense at all to link to a site, where registration is necessary to see the content?
Facebook just shows me the site to log in, which does not help, for I do neither have nor want a Facebook account.

This is not possible. Every Facebook user sets their account language and that is how it looks like. My Facebook is in Finnish language but those setting pages URLs are in English anyway. If you look at the link there are English words https:// accountscenter. facebook. com /profiles/153616812/username/?entrypoint=fb_account_center#= I did not use the real profile number because that way skilled Facebook user can find the profile. But if I would have used the real number none of us could not see the content because it is that persons settings. I was trying to help them to set up the username in Facebook instead of the number.

Lets try only the beginning https://accountcenter.facebook.com/profiles
Okay, this does not change to in German link…

To me your posting looks this way:

I cannot see any number in that link.

That is how it looks like to all of us. Did you click the link? Or just put the cursor on it? Like I wrote the URL is this (without spaces):

Hovering with the cursor does not work on my smartphone and klicking the link took me to the log in page and a moment later to the cookies page.

I cannot see anything like DE in the link. I wonder if the forum software notifies Facebook, that German would be the default language. The latter one would not make any sense.

Yes, I think so, but more a Facebook bug.

While my default Facebook language is indeed German, sometimes when I sent links to friends it changes between Spanish, Englisch, Dutch…

Beside English, neither my friends nor I have something to do with Spain or The Netherlands nor do we have settings in that languages.

But it is like it is and we don’t care about as after clicking the link the page is shown normal and it doesn’t change our settings. Does it change yours?

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When a link is posted, the forum software will try to fetch it to know what to display in the snippet.

However, Facebook tries to guess the visitors language based on their location (IP address) to know what language to use (in the case of not logged in users). And it so happens that Postcrossing’s servers are in Frankfurt and so what Facebook sees is a request coming from Germany. :slight_smile:


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