[NOT A BUG] Keyboard shortcuts wrong

since this morning, typing g + b no longer takes me to bookmarks, but to summary - activity.
same with g + p and g + d

It works fine for me
When i pressed g+b it took me to bookmarks

Here it goes always wrong - I’m using it on a desktop PC, tried with WIN 7 on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera - always wrong…

They all take me to Activity as the main header, but the appropriate category is highlighted on the left-side menu.

You are right. But the bookmarks in the Summary are not sorted by last post date.

But they never were? Or was that possible earlier but I just never found how to do it?

If you click on “bookmarks” in the top row, your bookmarks will appear sorted.
They also did when you use the shortcut g b (until yesterday).

They never appeared sorted to me, they were exactly in the same order as in the summary-activity.

I thought I had seen earlier in the posts somewhere that you could see them sorted but it never worked for me in the new forum.

It seems on this version of Discourse (which we updated to yesterday), the behavior of the g + b shortcut changed.

The shortcut takes you to your bookmarks, but a different way to see them (which already existed, but wasn’t linked from the shortcut):

Previously, it would take you to the /bookmarks page which is a view filter of the current place you are on the forum, by showing you the bookmarks that apply. It so happened that it took you to the general one (from the homepage) and that also matched all your bookmarks.

Now, it actually takes you to your own bookmarks on your account. This was what it should have been doing before and it was incorrectly linked, as I understand it.

I’m aware that the new behavior has the downside that your own bookmark lists doesn’t allow to sort by last activity which is a bit of a bummer. It does however have some nice extras too: the ability to search (at the top) all the bookmarks, as well as an easy way to delete a bookmark.

The previous page is still available though — just not through the previous keyboard shortcut. It takes one extra click: g + h (to go to the homepage) and then click the Bookmarks link at the top. Or, if this is a very common shortcut, just bookmark the /bookmarks page in on your browser.

Oh wow, thank you @paulo, I was really missing the sorted list from the old forum, but I just thought that was not possible here! Now it’s perfect :smiley:

it does NOT work well…
when I type g + p I am forwarded to the Summary - All page, not to preferences.
to me, this is still a bug - a change with only disadvantages… :frowning:

The g + p takes you to your Profile, not your Preferences. I didn’t use this one — was it different before?

sorry, I meant Profile, not Preferences…
but Profile is a part of the Preferences…
Profile is for sure not the Activity section in the summary where g + p now leads to…

g+p leads me also not to Profile/Summary but to Activity - All

By profile I meant the top part (if there’s little/no info, check for the ‘Expand’ button). Not sure why the Activity tab was chosen for that and not the Summary one — I agree that would make more sense, at least a on first glance. :thinking:

You are not the only one thinking that, but it’s still not a bug since it’s by their choice. Their plan is to improve the profile bookmarks section with whatever functionality that is missing (hopefully the sort by latest activity), but I don’t know when they will get to it.

I queried the Discourse team about this and their choice was to mirror what happens with clicking on a usercard: clicking someone’s usercard takes you to their Summary, while clicking on your own user card, takes you to the Activity tab.