[NOT A BUG] Is it a bug ? Test Drive: Especially Special Card Offer Tag disappeared

Everything is said in the title ! What happened to the Test Drive: Especially Special Card Offer Tag ?

I was just wondering this too, as I was the last to be tagged!

Maybe @meiadeleite or @paulo will be able to tell us what happened.

I think it has passed the testing phase and now ready to be official tags. Just wait until tags admin finishes it.

But the topic seems to have been deleted :thinking:

I tried to get to the topic via the personal message I got from you from this tag and all I can see is this:

Edit: I add @nekelin and @JetteLise here as they are moderators of the tag category. Do you know something about this? :thinking::blush:

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Mmmm… :thinking: Something is not right here. Please give us a bit of time to sort it out, and the Tag will be right back!


Thank you, Ana !

Test Drive :

Test Drive

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Yeah ! Thanks, guys !

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